Pan Kaiming | Malaysia

He should have been enjoying his life as a young student. Instead, depression set in, and he suffered insomnia and chronic stress, sadness and fear. But a bright light appeared on the horizon that opened his heart and fostered his gratitude to his parents. What triggered his transformation? If you, too, are suffering like he did, then listen to his story – it may inspire you.

I had an operation for appendicitis after 2014. When I went back to school, I couldn’t remember what was taught. I became scared; I would feel some pain in my scar sometimes. This stressed me. I couldn’t sleep well. Later, I found out that these are symptoms of depression. People expected a lot from me; I had my own standards too. I was under heavy pressure. I would cry when I couldn’t control my emotions. At the halfway point of the semester, my mom asked me to take a break.

(Discovering Bodhi Meditation)

I just knew I had to give the 8.5-day retreat a try. During the chanting session on day 3 and day 4, my tears were flowing quickly, nonstop. I had no idea why; you see, I was neither sad nor unhappy. I felt much better after crying. It felt like the dark clouds had finally dispersed. At that time, we were asked to hug our family. I had never done that before. When I did that, I felt that they were not worried about me anymore. It was a touching moment. It made me feel like I was no longer a burden to my family.

Since I was on a break from my studies, I had time for another chanting class. There, we were told to chant for our parents. I realized that I had been taking things for granted. Realizing how hard my parents have worked to support us, I have to think twice before I do anything. Thanks to the chanting class, I know what true filial piety is.

When my teacher asked me if I wanted to finish the remaining semesters, I said yes; but I was not quite sure. Would I be OK? Then, I remembered Master mentioned that prostrating 36 times a day helps one to obtain wisdom. I did that, and it helped me in remembering the lessons. The exam was in January. I felt hopeless when I saw the questions; but I still gave it a try. I tried my best during the exam. After submitting my answers, I thought I was going to fail. Surprisingly, I scored A+ for all the subjects. Unbelievable. I passed! I was so happy.

Bodhi Meditation has opened up my mind. My mind hasn’t fully opened yet, but it is opening up. I hope other depressed people can open their minds.

※ The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.