Grandmaster continues Chinese New Year Face Reading and Luck Changing. May everyone’s career, academics and relationships be auspicious and prosperous!

YouTube Playlist: 2023 Chinese New Year: Change Your Luck – Face Reading

★ Livestream Contents:
00:00:00 2023 Chinese New Year Change Your Luck – Face Reading 2

◎ Grandmaster JinBodhi Physiognomy: Face Reading
00:00:59 Academic Face Reading: Should I pursue a Master’s degree?
00:17:12 Career Face Reading: Losing all my father’s assets
00:39:09 Relationships Face Reading: How’s my love relationship?
00:59:37 Relationships Face Reading: When will I meet Mr. Right?

01:13:10 Ghost Spirits Face Reading: How can I stop seeing ghost shadows?
☆ Energy Blessing for Spirit Grounding

01:31:32 Children Face Reading: 9 years of marriage without kids
☆ Energy Bagua:

01:42:54 Relationships Face Reading: My in-laws want a baby boy
01:56:59 Youth Questions Face Reading: How can I stop overthinking?
☆ Prostration for Better Living

02:09:43 Career Choice Face Reading: Is broadcasting a suitable industry for me?
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