Taking advantage of such an auspicious and extraordinary day as Medicine Buddha’s birthday, Grandmaster JinBodhi personally conducted the 7-day “Eliminate Disasters and Increase Longevity Chanting Class”, hoping that more people would connect to Medicine Buddha and receive his most auspicious blessing and protection, eliminate their troubles, pain and obstacles and obtain health, longevity, and happiness.

From October 24th to 30th, global viewers simultaneously participated every day in this auspicious course through the webcast. Every day at the Kuala Lumpur Bodhi Meditation Center in Malaysia, the lucky disciples and fellow practitioners came to the main hall early to wait for Grandmaster JinBodhi. Everyone was eager to see him and cherished the opportunity of attending his lecture in person.

The Method of Prolonging Life in “The Medicine Buddha Sutra”

Since ancient times, “longevity” has been desired by everyone, whether emperors, noblemen, or commoners . They spared no effort in seeking the path to immortality. However, achieving a healthy and long life is not an easy task. Even the gifted and powerful Zhuge Liang in the Three Kingdoms period failed in his attempt to extend his own life. So, is there a way to live longer in the world?

The answer is yes. While human efforts may be limited, the power of the Buddha can. In this chanting class, Grandmaster compassionately explained the rare and exceptional method of prolonging life in the “Medicine Buddha Sutra”, that is, enshrining the “Light of Longevity”: When a patient is in critical condition, if his loved ones can sincerely take refuge in the Medicine Buddha for him, keep the eight precepts[1] for seven days, read and recite the “Medicine Buddha Sutra” 49 times, offer 49 lights, build seven Medicine Buddha statues, and set up seven bright lights in front of each Buddha statue with their light radiating like the wheels of a cart, continuously for 49 days without interruption, and also make a five-color banner about 10 meters long; that can help the patient overcome danger and protect their soul from being taken by evil spirits.

[1] Eight precepts: 1. No killing; 2. No stealing, 3. No sexual misconduct; 4. No lying; 5. No alcohol; 6. No excessive accessories, perfume, watching singing or dancing; 7. No sleeping on high and spacious beds; 8. No eating after noon.

During the Medicine Buddha’s birthday celebration, Grandmaster JinBodhi, in response to the needs of sentient beings, provided the “Illuminating Lamp of Eliminating Disasters” and the “Great Illumination Lamp of Eliminating Disasters and Prolonging Life”. He aimed to prolong the lives of those in need through Medicine buddha’s compassionate blessings.

Find the root cause of all suffering and obtain a happy life

Grandmaster JinBodhi received many letters from viewers asking for help. Some people were suffering from pain and disease; others were unlucky and couldn’t improve their situation even after working hard to do so. Some people were confused at critical moments and couldn’t make the right decisions. On the second day of the class, Grandmaster responded to their needs and revealed that karma is the root cause of “almost 90% of unsatisfactory things in life”. He further explained the root of evil karma: karma is generated by the mind and caused by negative thoughts, and greed is the root of all evil thoughts. When thoughts of greed, hatred, ignorance, arrogance, and doubt arise, they will constantly create new karma. Grandmaster used the image of “Subduing Tiger Arhat” to describe greed as a fierce tiger. To eliminate greed, you must always be alert to your thoughts. Once greed arises, it is like a tiger descending a mountain and difficult to control. The tiger subdued by the arhat symbolizes greed in the heart. Grandmaster hoped everyone could realize that to uproot karma, they should eliminate greed.

To help everyone eliminate trouble and pain, the compassionate Grandmaster also prescribed a remedy to deal with the five poisons:

  • First, believe in cause and effect. Karma will never leave you alone. It will accumulate and increase over time, so you should avoid creating bad karma.
  • Second, practice empathy. Learn to think from the perspective of others or imagine them as your loved ones. This way, you can better understand others.
  • Third, cultivate compassion and tolerance. Learn to appreciate and praise the strengths and virtues of others. Praise is a panacea to resolve the five poisons.

You must fulfill the vow you made to the Buddha and gods

A true story that was shared in the class: A couple in a village in Shandong tried hard for 10 years to have a son but had six daughters. In order to carry on the family lineage, the husband went to the temple to wish for a son and told the Buddha that if the wish came true, he would offer three animals, five grains, yellow paper, and ingots in return.

Three months later, his wife was pregnant and later gave birth to a chubby boy. The couple’s wish was finally fulfilled, and they were very happy. However, the husband did not want to fulfill the vow he made to the Buddha. First, three animals were expensive so he was reluctant to spend the money. Secondly, he did not believe that it was a wish come true. Since he had six daughters already, it was time to have a son.

As a result, the husband forgot about fulfilling his vow. However, the child was seriously ill at the age of three; he had a high fever. The second month after recovery, the child accidentally knocked over a thermos. The hot water scalded his neck and left behind a horrible scar. Not long after, the child broke his arm. Just like that, the son suffered from different challenges. Finally, when he was five, as he played on the frozen river, he fell into a hole in the ice and lost his life.

The husband collapsed, until he met an old Taoist priest who told him he was destined to have no son. God had graciously granted him a son, but because he refused to fulfill his promise, he took back his son.

Grandmaster reminded everyone that as long as you make a vow, Buddha and the deities will hear it, so you must remember to repay the vows you make. If there is no promise to fulfill the vow when making the wish, how should you repay it? Grandmaster reminded us that there is a Buddhist term called “aspiration”. As long as you express your sincerity to repay, you are fulfilling your promise. When fulfilling a promise, you must do it sincerely and do your best, and you must not resort to deceit. This is very important. You can contribute time and volunteer at the meditation center, make offerings to the center or build a statue of Buddha.

Taking himself as an example, Grandmaster said that he vowed to benefit all sentient beings in his lifetime because he was a beneficiary of Buddha’s blessings. After more than 30 years, his vow has never changed.

Grandmaster JinBodhi’s great vows are not selfish desires. They are unimpeded and firm as a rock on Grandmaster’s journey of fulfilling his vows. Even during the years of the epidemic, Grandmaster did not stop. He gave more teachings through Internet platforms, spreading compassionate dharma, and bringing peace and tranquility to the panic-stricken public. Grandmaster said that the Buddha wished all beings to leave suffering and attain happiness, so the best way to repay the Buddha’s grace was to benefit all sentient beings.

Praying to the Buddha and gaining auspicious blessings

Every day, Grandmaster led everyone to chant with utmost sincerity to the Buddha. Many participants insisted on kneeling to chant the Buddha’s holy name to express their reverence and sincerity. Although it was hard, with the compassionate blessings of Medicine Buddha and Grandmaster, the soreness in their bodies helped them to eliminate their sinful karma. Their sincere chanting made serious diseases disappear and obstacles clear; even a life nearing its end can be prolonged because of the blessing and protection of Medicine Buddha and all other buddhas and bodhisattvas.

Every day, tens of thousands of students followed Grandmaster, chanting sincerely to the Buddha. At that moment, all the Bodhi Meditation Centers had the same frequency and the sound of chanting in front of every screen. The great compassionate energy and illumination of Medicine Buddha was cast over everyone and liberated them from illness.

During the chanting class, Grandmaster JinBodhi gave energy blessings to everybody by smashing walnuts; with the assistance of Medicine Buddha’s compassionate radiance, Grandmaster helped everyone get rid of illnesses, troubles, and obstacles so that they would live a long and healthy life with good fortune. Every lucky participant in the chanting class would benefit physically and spiritually to varying degrees. Since the beginning of the class, we received letters and messages from viewers around the world enthusiastically sharing their joy and touching emotions:

  • Dai Delu, Taiwan | Stomach acid is gone; stomach ache disappeared

In the last couple of years, I had gastroesophageal reflux; especially after meals, and I often had stomach aches. I took medication to relieve the pain in the last two to three months. On the fifth morning of the chanting class, after breakfast, my stomach didn’t hurt as usual. Even after lunch, I didn’t feel uncomfortable in the afternoon. I am so happy! Thank you, Grandmaster, for your blessing!

  • Qingluo, New York | Miraculously recovered after more than 10 years of deafness

My right ear had been deaf for more than 10 years. I had been to many hospitals, but no problem was found, let alone cured. For many years, I listened with only one ear. On the second day of the chanting class, as I was chanting with Grandmaster, I heard a crackling sound in my right ear. On the way home after the class on the third day, my daughter called me on the phone, and I suddenly realized that I could hear her voice with my right ear. It was amazing! Thank you, Grandmaster!

  • Ouyang Ling, Singapore | My frozen shoulders healed

This was my first Bodhi Meditation class. Grandmaster told us to eat vegetarian meals, not to scold others, and not to get angry, and I followed suit. After attending the chanting class and eating vegetarian food for three days, my frozen shoulders were healed. I had seen many doctors and tried physical therapy, but nothing had worked. What an unexpected surprise I received by participating in Grandmaster’s chanting class! I am so grateful!

  • Jin Xiaohua, South Korea | I can finally lie down and sleep

My body was allergic to many things that would trigger asthma. It could be life-threatening if left uncontrolled. During the last four years, I could not sleep lying down because I would gasp. On the first night of the chanting class, a miracle happened — I lay down and slept for 20 hours without any nightmares. Now, I can lie down and sleep every night. It’s miraculous! Thank you, Grandmaster!

  • Viewer, Xiaoqu | Breast fibroids shrank

I have multiple breast fibromas, and I now need surgery. Because surgery might damage and impact my body, and the fibroids may recur, I was reluctant to undergo surgery. A month ago, a tumor suddenly grew to the size of a jujube, and it started to hurt. On the evening of the third day of the chanting class, I checked my breasts and found that the tumor had shrunk to the size of a peanut. It surprised and delighted me. Grandmaster’s practice is miraculous! Thank you, Grandmaster!

In addition to the online viewers, many participants in the class were happily sharing their benefits with Grandmaster. Some lucky ones even received Grandmaster’s precious calligraphy fan as a gift!

  • Youhu | My vision is back to normal

Before I attended the chanting class, I could not see clearly. At night, the street lights and car lights were blurry. When reading on the computer, I enlarged the font. My eyes were tired, and I was afraid to drive.

On the third night of the chanting class, as I was driving home, I noticed that my eyesight had improved. I could see car lights, street lights, and even my mobile phone very clearly. It was incredible! Thanks to Grandmaster JinBodhi for his blessing!

  • Zenghua | My back pain healed

A month ago, I injured the muscles and ligaments in my lower back when I moved documents weighing five or six kilograms. The doctor told me to rest and not move much, but I didn’t stop working. After some time, my lower back became more painful, which made me very irritable.

On the first day of the chanting class, I sat on a chair. On the second day, my lower back was more relaxed, especially when chanting to the Buddha. I knelt on a cushion to chant, and unexpectedly, I felt no soreness in my lower back at night. I am so happy! Thank you, Grandmaster!

  • Zengdong | Skin on my fingers no longer cracks

Over a year ago, the skin on three fingers started to peel and crack, and didn’t heal. The doctor warned me not to use chemical detergents and not to do housework. On the second day of the chanting class, I was surprised to find that the skin on my fingers had become smoother, and the cracks had healed without any moisturizer. Thank you, Grandmaster, for your blessing!

  • Fangran | The after-effects of heart surgery disappeared

I underwent three major heart by-pass surgeries in one year, which left serious after-effects, resulting in severe sore shoulders and arms. I could not lift my hands, do housework, or even sleep at night. Also, I could not stand for more than 15 minutes, and if I walked for more than five minutes, I was out of breath. I dared not turn around because I would get dizzy.

On the first day of the chanting class, I knelt on the floor and chanted to Buddha. I felt hot all over my body and fell asleep easily that night. The next day, after I walked 20 minutes to the meditation center, I did not feel shortness of breath. I was able to continue practicing Energy Bagua for an hour. My legs and feet regained strength, and I could lift my hands to reach my back. On the fourth day, I could lift my hands above my head. It’s amazing! Thank you, Grandmaster!


On October 30, 2022, the Eliminate Disasters and Increase Longevity Chanting Class came to completion with the compassionate blessing of Medicine Buddha and the bliss of the students. After seven days of practicing and learning, everyone harvested healthy and auspicious energy and now has the method to eliminate disasters and prolong life. They had the opportunity to reflect and improve their state of mind, comprehend the compassion and wisdom to obtain a happy and promising life, and witness the miraculous and unbelievable power of the Buddha!

In just seven days, everyone gained a lot, and were grateful, cherishing this extraordinary opportunity. Although the class was over, the students will continue their beautiful lives with these precious gains and touching moments!

The “Bodhi Meditation Youth Camp” will start soon

During this chanting class, Grandmaster officially announced exciting news for young friends: At the end of this year, the Cheras Bodhi Meditation Center in Malaysia will conduct a 10-day “International Youth Meditation Camp”.

Due to the global pandemic, the Bodhi Meditation Youth Camp was cancelled for three years. Now, it is about to restart. Children from all over the world are looking forward to it with great anticipation. Since the number of participants for this course is limited, interested participants are advised to register early for this great opportunity!

Youth camp start time: December 13-22, 2022 (10 days)
Course location: Cheras Bodhi Meditation Center in Malaysia
Enrollment age: 13-25 years old
Enrollment areas: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia