I receive a lot of emails from students sharing their health benefits after meeting me and discovering Bodhi Meditation! Today, I invited a few of them to share their auspicious experiences. Let’s check it out!

★ Livestream Contents:
00:00:00 Meditation: Headache, insomnia, gout and acid reflux miraculously recovered
00:05:09 Meditation: 55 years of chronic headaches recovered
00:25:06 Energy Bagua: 30 years of gastric and acid reflux (GERD) recovered after 3 months
00:35:34 Energy Bagua: Diabetes, frequent urination, blurry eyesight and night sweats disappeared after 3 months
00:59:03 Energy Bagua: Practice meditation every day to relieve the crisis of kidney dialysis!
01:11:05 Grandmaster’s Artwork: 8 years of debts recovered after purchasing “Sunlit Forest”
01:14:38 Energy Bagua: My post-stroke symptoms improved after 3 months
01:21:55 Meditation: My hand numbness improved after joining an 8.5 Day Health & Happiness Retreat
01:24:15 Light Offering: Finding my son a good job
01:28:04 “Buddhist Robes” Book: I no longer having bad dreams
01:33:48 Youth Testimonial: I no longer having nighttime urination and I feel more relaxed
01:37:45 Energy Bagua: My back pain caused by scoliosis disappeared after 3 days!
01:46:29 Meditation: My 20 years gout and high blood pressure recovered after 108 days

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Vancouver, North America: December 18, 2022 at 3:00am

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