Marriage and career are two important choices in our lives.

People are afraid of making the wrong decision in marriage because divorce is painful and causes too much trouble. Choosing a suitable profession and industry can be confusing, especially for young people who just graduated.

This session kick-starts with the “Snow Chasers” video, introducing the choices of career, love and realities of young people from all over the world living in Whistler, Canada. Grandmaster JinBodhi reflects on these anecdotes and answers student questions regarding career choices. For instance, who is suitable to be an entrepreneur? What are the characteristics and qualities an entrepreneur should have? What are your characteristics / capabilities? When choosing a job, are you good with numbers or words?

This session is very useful for those who are facing difficulties in choosing a career, especially youngsters. Do not miss out on the golden opportunity to learn from Grandmaster!

★ Livestream Contents
00:00:00 Life and Its Choices
00:04:29 Official Start | Life and Its Choices
00:05:30 “Snow Chasers”
00:19:20 Introducing ski wear
00:23:45 Gifts for online participants
00:29:56 The wonders of Whistler, Canda
00:38:28 The life and love choices of Whistlerites

◎ “Snow Chasers” Q&A
00:47:41 The dreams of snow chasers
00:54:51 The lifestyle of migratory birds
01:00:17 Love choices
01:04:30 What kind of people are suitable for entrepreneurship?
01:15:47 The characteristic and quality of an entrepreneur
01:25:43 Can we treat our hobbies as careers?
01:39:20 How do I choose the right career?
01:49:46 Industries to avoid
02:00:10 Is it a good idea to change jobs frequently?
02:05:56 Career choices and stable work conditions
02:19:23 When should youth start planning and preparing for the future?
02:22:28 Working part-time and parenting at the same time
02:26:24 Is it possible to start a new career at 50?

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