Liu Bowen, a famous psychic during the Ming dynasty who had created the Shaobing Song, a prophecy which accurately predicted the future of the Ming dynasty.

00:00:00 Official Start | The Clairvoyant (Part 4) The Scarily Accurate Ancient Prophecy: Shaobing Song by Liu Bowen
00:00:07 The origin of the Shaobing Song

◎ The First Prophecy: Prince of Yan, The Future Emperor
00:11:48 The Prophecy: “The capital moves from South to North”
00:30:25 The Prophecy: “The Ming dynasty will come to an end when the star of Wen rises”
00:32:47 The Prophecy: “Nothing to worry about except for the swallow flying in”
00:55:41 History: Yao Guangxiao helps the Prince of Yan become Ming dynasty emperor
01:12:40 History: Yongle Emperor (Zhu Di) passed away
01:15:40 History: The Tumu Crisis

◎ The Second Prophecy: Eight Thousand Female Ghosts Disturb Government Policies
01:25:46 History: Consort Wan and the Chenghua Emperor
01:46:33 History: Consort Zheng and the Wanli Emperor
01:57:43 History: Tianqi Emperor who had 4 “moms”
02:10:28 History: Eunuch Wei Zhongxian who caused great harm to the Ming dynasty

◎ The Third Prophecy: The Ming Dynasty destroyed by the Shun regime
02:12:48 The Prophecy: “A body hangs dangerously on the tree, it all stops when Shun comes along”
02:14:16 History: Li Zicheng entered the Forbidden City
02:19:09 History: The death of Chongzhen Emperor

◎ Conclusion
02:26:33 Psychics: Liu Bowen and Yao Guangxiao
02:30:30 Can the prophecy be interpreted in advance?

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