This ginger farmer experienced a miraculous journey from sickness back to health after practicing Energy Bagua. The strength of his gratitude inspired incredible faith, will and perseverance in his mission to help others escape suffering as well. Let’s sow the seeds of compassion and enable more people to benefit from Energy Bagua!

▶️ Outstanding Energy Bagua Practice Point

00:00:00 A Ginger Farmer’s Gratitude | Outstanding Energy Bagua Practice Point (Part 3)
00:02:36 Energy Bagua Testimonial 1: Life Gets Better
00:19:46 Energy Bagua Testimonial 2: Recovering from Hepatitis C
00:27:46 The story of a ginger farmer’s Energy Bagua practice point
00:50:17 The health risks of strokes
00:57:30 A new lease on life to walk the bodhisattva path

01:10:57 Energy Bagua Testimonial 3: 17 years of irregular heartbeat, 10 years of frozen shoulder and back pain recovered after 6 months of Energy Bagua
01:21:53 Energy Bagua Testimonial 4: My irregular heartbeat, chest pain, heart disease recovered after walking Energy Bagua for half a year

01:41:25 Sleep Paralysis and Nightmares: Blessing from Grandmaster JinBodhi to ward off evil

◎ Auspicious Treasures to Ward Off Evil
01:50:30 The importance of having blessed treasures at home
02:01:42 A Parcel Gilt Bronze Statue of Kalachakra – Revered by Grandmaster JinBodhi

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