How can we help our children’s health, education, and relationship challenges?
Give them the auspicious blessings and protection of Buddha and Bodhisattvas!

What are the benefits of light offerings and sponsorship? Feel free to email any questions to:
👉 [email protected]

★ Livestream Contents:
00:00:00 Q&A | The importance of accumulating merits
00:05:44 “Warning signals” and miraculous protection from Bodhi accessories
00:15:10 How to build healthy romantic relationships
00:25:53 Can a person’s character be changed by their environment?
00:33:56 Getting rid of bad habits: How to stop children from telling lies and stealing
00:47:50 Does offering to Manjushri work if my child isn’t Buddhist?

◎ Merit Accumulation Testimonials: Light Offering, Sutra Sponsorship
01:21:16 My mother received a great blessing after sponsoring the “Sutra of Contemplation”
01:24:16 I broke curse of ‘unemployment after graduation’ through light offering
01:30:36 My children are excelling academically after I sponsored the Earth Store Sutra
01:34:36 Continuous good fortune from light offering, Sutra sponsorship, and merit accumulation

◎ Sakyamuni Buddha’s Birthday Events
01:45:17 “Bathing the Buddha Blessing Ceremony 2022” Announcement
01:46:35 8-day “Peace, Wisdom and Longevity Chanting Class“ Announcement
01:47:43 Buddha’s Birthday Online Flower Offering: Flowers for Buddha
01:53:55 Buddha’s Birthday Gift Giveaway: How to apply for one of Grandmaster’s “108 blessed gifts”? Please email 👉 [email protected]

02:02:24 “Bathing the Buddha Blessing Ceremony 2022” Announcement
Vancouver, North America: May 7 (Sat), 2022 at 6:00pm
Taipei, Asia: May 8 (Sun), 2022 at 9:00am

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