A practical way of patting and massage to detoxify, clear blocked meridians, and enhance the body’s immunity, promoting health and recovery.

At the end of this session, a life-saving remedy for liver disease will also be revealed!

▶️ Liver Health | Healthy Eating and Acupressure Massage for Liver
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★ Prepare your acupressure massage tools, lotion, towels, chair, JinBodhi’s Physiognomy Facial Appearance and Health diagram, and Grandmaster JinBodhi’s “Acupoints to Nourish the Liver” diagram before joining this session.

★ Livestream Contents:
00:00:00 Wellness Massage | Appearance and Health | Liver Acupoints

◎ Acupoints: Massage and Patting
00:02:45 Facial Massage Acupoints: Ying Xiang, Yin Tang, Si Zhu Kong, Xia Guan, ears
00:07:40 Head Massage Acupoints: Feng Chi, head patting
00:10:59 Hand Massage Acupoints: He Gu, Lao Gong, Nei Guan
00:14:57 Whole Body Patting: Chest, underarms, Tan Zhong
00:18:36 Leg Massage Acupoints: Leg patting, massage the soles of feet
00:57:28 Foot Massage Acupoints: Da Dun, Yin Bai
01:10:35 Liver Acupoints: Da Dun, Xing Jian, Tai Chong

◎ Bodhi Foot Bath Recipe
01:15:33 Bodhi Foot Bath Recipe: Remedy for athlete’s foot, corns and bunions, leg cramps, back and leg pain, irregular menstruation, menstrual cramps, etc
01:25:19 Is acupoint massage suitable for pregnant women?
01:37:31 Foot Massage: Reproductive system acupoints

◎ Liver Health: Stringy Stonecrop (Sedum Sarmentosum)
01:53:21 The story of an end-stage liver cancer patient
02:03:23 Stringy stonecrop (sedum sarmentosum) for liver health
02:11:44 Stringy stonecrop for fatty liver and hepatitis
02:13:47 Liver health: How to eat stringy stonecrop
02:21:31 Liver health: Stringy stonecrop red date tea
02:27:11 What are the benefits of stringy stonecrop?

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