What are the reasons behind family difficulties and hardships?
What does it mean to dream of our relatives?
How can we help our loved ones who may be suffering in the afterlife?
Listen to Grandmaster’s guidance to have a deeper understanding of hell, and how to achieve liberation from hell.

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★ Livestream Contents:
00:00:00 How to eliminate family karma and allow our ancestors to obtain light and auspiciousness?

◎ Review Highlights of “Earth Store Bodhisattva’s Vow Sutra” Chapter 1 – 5
00:02:30 Earth Store Sutra: How did the Brahman girl save her mother from the “Hell of Fivefold Incessant Suffering”?
00:28:04 Earth Store Sutra: Why could the Bright-Eyed Girl only temporarily save her mother from hell?

◎ Family Karma
00:38:21 Family Karma: Are my hardships and difficulties due to family karma?
00:48:50 Black Magic: How can we protect ourselves from black magic?
00:58:03 Treasure to Ward Off Evil: Buddha Statues, Phurba

01:13:00 Dream Interpretation: Dreamed of my grandparents-in-law staying at my house
01:21:06 Ancestral Tombs: How ancestral graves affect future generations
01:25:55 Dream Interpretation: Footsteps in the middle of the night
01:31:00 How to properly handle the relics of the deceased?

01:37:24 Dream Interpretation: Grandmother’s love
01:44:23 Dream Interpretation: Dad’s bed frame
01:48:54 Dream Interpretation: The floating cat
01:54:26 Dream Interpretation: A woman with sinister smile
02:00:13 Dream Interpretation: Disturbed by a black shadow for fifty years

02:08:26 The Miraculous Energy Bagua
02:12:10 Offering light to Buddha saved the baby spirits that wandered for many years

02:32:12 Upcoming Event Announcement: 2022 Ullambana Festival Blessing Ceremony

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