Lu Zile

This is a story about a young man who once lost his direction in life. Standing at a crossroads, he was uncertain of how to move forward. He almost quit studying. His relationship with his parents was tense. What made him regret his past actions and cultivate gratitude? Who guided him to discover his direction in life and take control of his future? Let’s hear Lu’s story!

At that time, I was so lost. I didn’t know which major to pick; I questioned continuing my studies. We run a family business and my dad wanted me to take over from him. That is when I had doubts about studying further.

Lu Zile’s Father: I was not that educated, so I always considered making money to be the most important thing of all. After listening to Master, I realized that it is better to study more, meet and help more people.

I was forced to join the youth camp by my parents. They heard about it while practicing Energy Bagua at the park. They told my little brother and me about it. At that time, I was stressed about exams. I wasn’t interested at all; I thought camps were boring. Then my dad showed me the youth camp’s promotional clips. It didn’t look that bad so I decided to give it a try, quite reluctantly.

Right away, I learned one important thing: Be grateful to your parents. I think most young people are unaware of their parents’ sacrifices and sometimes disrespect or talk back to them. Listening to Master’s teachings and also during chanting, I realized how awful I was to my parents. I regretted doing all the awful things. I was moved when everyone cried during the chanting session. It is when you realize how awful you are that you will be thankful to people around you, especially your parents.

I used to think my parents were always nagging; they annoyed me so much. Sometimes, I would even talk back. I stopped doing that after the camp. People won’t nag at you if they don’t care. Who cares for us? Our parents, of course. I never thought about joining the organizing committee of a camp. I finally did during the youth camp in June. I realized there was a lot of work. Imagine organizing a camp for hundreds of participants. That’s when I learned that effective communication is crucial. I learned how to communicate with more efficiency. I think I have made more progress compared to my peers. The youth camp will definitely improve you.

Lu Zile’s Mother: He expresses himself better since attending the camp.

Lu Zile’s Father: He is a totally different person now.

Lu Zile’s Mother: He is able to look after himself. He prepares his own meals too. We don’t have to worry about him. He even cooked me noodles on my birthday. I was so touched. He also had a gift for me. I cried tears of joy.

I found my dream at the youth camp. I want to be a successful entrepreneur who contributes to society. I wish to have my own brand that gives back to society, so that people around me can live better lives. I am more confident and more filial toward my parents. I am happy with the changes in myself. I don’t want to hurt the feelings of people who love me. I learned about compassion at Bodhi Meditation.

I am thankful to Grandmaster JinBodhi and Bodhi Meditation for the opportunity to join this big family. I have learned a lot from this family. I want to thank my parents. Because of them, I had the chance to attend the youth camp. My utmost gratitude to Grandmaster JinBodhi and my parents.

※ The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.