Energy Bagua, Energy for Life!

Practice Energy Bagua daily, live to 99.

In this session, Grandmaster JinBodhi continues teaching basic hand movements, footwork, body postures, and important reminders for Energy Bagua. Grandmaster also demonstrates the correct way of turning and switching palms.

During the session, Grandmaster also shares Liu Hui Hui’s rheumatoid arthritis Energy Bagua testimonial. After practicing Energy Bagua for 2 years, her life transformed completely!

Why does Energy Bagua have such wondrous effects? Watch this livestream for the answer!

☯️ Mysterious Energy Bagua series:

★ Livestream Contents:

00:00:00 Mysterious Energy Bagua (Part 4)

00:00:03 Official Start | Review Energy Bagua’s hand movements, footsteps, postures and important reminders

◎ Energy Bagua Hand Movements

00:05:01 Switching palms and footwork

00:15:34 Switching Dragon (Qing-Long) palms from right to left

00:28:14 Switching Dragon (Qing-Long) palms from left to right

00:35:29 What is the palm position when settling qi in your lower abdomen?

00:35:55 When do we turn our palms when switching?

00:36:49 When we turn around, is our palm facing outwards?

00:38:04 Energy Bagua incorrect posture demonstration

◎ Energy Bagua Testimonials

00:43:31 Video: Liu Huihui – Rheumatoid Arthritis 2018 testimonial

01:01:35 Video: Liu Huihui – Rheumatoid Arthritis 2020 testimonial

01:02:52 Video: Recovering from severe low back pain and flatulence

00:54:57 Learning about rheumatoid arthritis

01:12:00 Testimonial: Recovering from of severe rheumatoid arthritis

01:13:58 The possible reactions when walking Energy Bagua

01:17:04 Testimonial: I no longer require crutches after walking Energy Bagua

01:18:32 Testimonial: Testimonial after practicing Energy Bagua

◎ Energy Bagua: The Law of Balance

01:24:08 The Universal Way of Energy Bagua

01:28:49 “Heavenly way” – Cloud Patterned Jade Pendant of the Spring and Autumn Period (771-476 BC)

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01:33:59 Energy Bagua: The Law of Balance

01:36:52 Diet: The Law of Balance

01:39:38 Recovery after child birth

01:41:42 Testimonial: After 10 months of Energy Bagua, I can finally straighten my fingers after 28 years

01:43:16 Testimonial: Welcoming a baby despite infertility challenges

01:44:05 Energy Bagua helps increase our energy

01:50:28 The story of Bian Que and the king of Qi: You are sick!

01:59:22 The way of balance in life

02:05:25 Energy Bagua Practice Sites

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