After learning the basic palm positions and footwork of Energy Bagua in the first two classes, we turn to a few guided visualizations that are very important during our practice of Energy Bagua.

In this session, Grandmaster teaches Energy Bagua body postures and important mental reminders. For instance, straighten your body and head, gently rest your teeth together, the tip of your tongue touches the palate, gently tuck in your chin, softly focus your eyes on the tree, breathe naturally and many more.

Grandmaster explains the details of these reminders, such as what to do if we are unable to relax when “allowing qi to settle into the lower abdomen”?

Last but not least, Grandmaster shares stories about the Taoist philosophy and origins of Energy Bagua. The best way to learn is to explore it by yourself!

☯️ Mysterious Energy Bagua series:

★ Livestream Contents:

00:00:00 Mysterious Energy Bagua (Part 3)

00:00:03 Official Start | Tips on self-cultivation

00:06:06 Review: three different palm positions

▶️ Mysterious Energy Bagua (Part 1):

00:11:06 Review: Basic footwork

◎ Learn Energy Bagua – Posture and Mental Reminders

00:22:11 Straighten your body and head, gently rest your teeth together, the tip of your tongue touches the palate, gently tuck in your chin

00:27:16 Softly focus your eyes on the tree, feel peaceful and calm, breathe naturally

00:30:04 Level your shoulders, slightly draw in your chest and lengthen your spine, drop your shoulders and elbows

00:36:26 Sink into your hips and tighten your abdomen, gently bend both knees, inner foot pointing forward and outer foot pointing slightly inwards, relax your entire body

00:39:23 Allow qi to settle down in your lower abdomen, qi flows into the four tips, toes grip the ground, guide qi towards head and feet, you are full of energy

00:51:57 Energy Bagua student demo

00:57:15 Energy Bagua Video: Incorrect posture demonstration video

◎ Student Questions and Sharing

01:15:59 What should we do if we are unable to relax when “allowing qi to settle into the lower abdomen”?

01:18:23 When “guiding qi upwards and downwards,” what does upwards and downwards refer to?

01:18:58 Is it correct if our knees are bent inwards?

01:20:03 How to “straighten your body and head” for students with scoliosis?

01:21:10 Are we allowed to fart when walking Energy Bagua?

01:23:56 How should our state of mind be when walking Energy Bagua? Should we stay focused or stay empty?

01:29:16 Can walking Energy Bagua help with fatty liver?

01:30:07 Student Testimonial: My cholesterol and triglyceride levels returned to normal after walking Energy Bagua

01:43:31 Student Testimonial: My diabetes improved after walking Energy Bagua

01:53:47 Student sharing and testimonials

01:59:58 Energy Bagua reminders: Lift the anus and contract the kidneys

◎ The Philosophy of Energy Bagua

02:00:30 An introduction to Taoism

02:03:29 The story of a Taoist female immortal

02:07:15 Taoist food culture

02:09:27 Special blessings from Grandmaster: Northern Song Dingyao Gourd Bottle blessings

02:10:23 Ancient Chinese Taoist cultivation of immortality

02:11:55 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), alchemy, and forging

02:16:18 The study of Energy Bagua, cosmic magnetic field

02:19:28 Special treasure for the Tiger year: Xuande-style Bronze Incense Burner With Upright Ears (Complimentary Incense Holder)

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02:19:59 The symbolism of incense burners

02:22:46 The story of the Chinese Emperor’s incense burner

02:26:31 Last Reminder: Light Offering Event ends soon

🐯 2022 Pacify the Tai Sui God Light Offering:

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