In this session, Grandmaster JinBodhi continues teaching Energy Bagua. With the help of his young assistants, we continue to learn the basic movements of Energy Bagua, including the footwork. Grandmaster also gives important reminders for practicing Energy Bagua such as avoid leaning to one side, do not point the feet outward, etc.

In addition, Grandmaster shares his natural cure for stomach acid and other responses to student questions. Should we continue to practice if experiencing discomfort? What kind of trees to avoid using for Energy Bagua?

Tune in to this class to learn the true practice of Energy Bagua from Grandmaster himself!

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☯️ Mysterious Energy Bagua series:

★ Livestream Contents:

00:00:00 Mysterious Energy Bagua (Part 2)

00:00:03 Official Start | Review the Basic of Energy Bagua

◎ Learning Energy Bagua

00:03:45 Energy Bagua Palms Demonstration

00:10:24 Energy Bagua Footwork Demonstration: Inner foot pointing forward and outer foot pointing inwards

00:12:25 Gently bend both knees

00:14:44 Toes grip the ground

00:16:33 Place 60 or 70% of your body weight on your hind legs

00:24:45 The speed for each step

00:28:53 Relax the shoulders

00:32:09 Energy Bagua Video: Incorrect posture demonstration video

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◎ Health Q&A

00:45:03 Should I still buy a new house when my health is poor?

00:46:29 Can I walk Energy Bagua if I have scoliosis and pelvic misalignment?

00:54:10 Do our facial features affect our health and future?

00:58:36 Can I walk Energy Bagua if my legs are in pain, sore or numb?

01:00:03 Energy Bagua Daily Practice Guide: Connect with Heaven, Earth, and the Universe

▶️ YouTube:

01:01:11 Energy Bagua: The Secret Code of Life

📖 English PDF:

01:01:44 Can we walk Energy Bagua when we have low blood pressure?

01:05:49 What kind of trees to avoid using for Energy Bagua?

01:14:32 Can I walk Energy Bagua if I have a lumbar spine injury?

01:15:48 How to use the Energy Bagua Waist Belt?

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01:20:44 Home Feng Shui: Which types of trees are suitable for indoors?

01:26:25 Student Testimonial: I no longer need a wheelchair after 3 months of practicing Energy Bagua!

01:28:32 Can beginners look at the ground while walking Energy Bagua?

◎ Gastric Health Tips

01:31:15 The relationship between disease, diet and emotion

01:33:04 Solving Acid Reflux: Toasted bun slices

01:34:09 What should I eat if I have acid reflux?

◎ Healthy Diet Tips: The Benefits of Beans

01:37:33 Soybeans

01:39:28 Who should stay away from bean products?

01:39:48 Black beans

01:43:56 Red beans

01:45:19 Mung beans

01:48:09 Alfalfa sprouts

01:53:28 The benefits of alfalfa for our bones

◎ Energy Bagua Learning Materials

01:54:03 Where can we find Energy Bagua learning materials?

01:55:18 Energy Bagua Daily Practice Music

01:56:21 Energy Bagua Daily Practice Video

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◎ Energy Bagua and Feng Shui

01:58:49 Energy Bagua enables us to ward off evil energy

02:01:19 Feng Shui and Energy: Auspicious Vase, Aged Pu-erh Tea

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02:04:59 Grandmaster JinBodhi Oriental Beauty Tea: for natural slimming & beautification

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