What do your eyebrows mean? Eyebrows represent longevity in physiognomy, also known as Chinese face reading.

How do our eyebrows relate to our lives, fate and health? What kind of eyebrow shape is considered good? Which eyebrow shapes should be changed, and how can we make up for it?

Let’s learn about the role of eyebrows in face reading.

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★ Livestream Contents:

00:00:00 Eyebrows and Health | Chant for our parents to accumulate merits

◎ Sincere Chanting

00:00:26 How to be respectful and sincere to our parents

00:08:50 Chanting to Sakyamuni Buddha

◎ Eyebrows and Health, Face Reading and Fate

01:07:12 Eyebrows in Face Reading: Good eyebrows that indicate longevity

01:18:32 Eyebrows in Face Reading: The relationship between eyebrows and health

01:27:07 Eyebrows in Face Reading: Thick, upward, straight eyebrow shape

01:33:14 Eyebrows in Face Reading: Downward eyebrow shape

01:35:38 Eyebrows in Face Reading: Eyebrow moles

01:38:24 Eyebrows in Face Reading: Eyebrow hair loss, eyebrow slit

01:40:50 Eyebrows in Face Reading: Bad eyebrows, unibrows

01:50:20 Eyebrows in Face Reading: Eyebrows that are too thick

01:55:37 Eyebrows in Face Reading: Curly hair in the eyebrows

01:57:04 Eyebrows in Face Reading: Eyebrow birthmarks

◎ Eyebrows and Health

01:58:46 Eyebrows and Luck: Eyebrow color and luster corresponds to our health

02:03:11 Eyebrows and Luck: How to change our eyebrow appearance and our fate?

02:16:36 Hair Growth Tea: Red dates, goji berries, Grandmaster JinBodhi Zen Tea-Aged Pu-erh Tea

02:21:05 Secret Recipe! Learn how to make Bodhi tea for detoxing the liver and clearing the eyes

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