The arrival of Buddha heralds wisdom and liberation. Through learning the wisdom of Buddhism, we learn to overcome troubles and obstacles in our lives, and achieve auspiciousness and fulfillment.

In addition, let us learn about the secrets of Chinese palm reading and face reading. How are physiognomy and palmistry related to our health? Through sincere chanting, we can change our appearance and fate, bring wisdom, light, health, longevity and auspiciousness to ourselves and our family!

▶️ Peace Wisdom & Longevity Chanting Class (8 days) YouTube Playlist:

★ Livestream Contents:

00:00:00 Peace, Wisdom & Longevity Chanting Class (Day 2)

◎ Record Your Health Condition

00:02:23 Face Reading: Color of palms, fingernails, facial appearance, eyes, forehead, etc.

00:14:50 Face Reading: The eyes correspond to the health of our internal organs – The 5 rings

00:32:59 Health Tips: Energy Bagua Aerobics

00:42:03 Face Reading Q&A: Will cosmetic surgery affect our health?

00:45:53 Face and Palm Reading: Our skin conditions

00:49:48 Health Indicator: Our sleeping quality

00:51:17 Health Indicator: Emotions

◎ Sincere Chanting

00:53:20 Let us chant for our mother

00:56:16 Chanting to Sakyamuni Buddha

◎ Buddha Statue Revered by Grandmaster JinBodhi

01:50:39 “The Lion’s Roar of Eight Merits and Virtues” Sakyamuni Buddha – Revered by Grandmaster JinBodhi

01:54:49 The source of the name “The Lion’s Roar Sakyamuni Buddha”

02:04:21 Buddha’s Canopy (The eight auspiciousness, eight auspicious phenomenon)

02:11:25 “Esteem Virtue” Gilt Bronze Statue of Shakyamuni Buddha

02:19:35 Partially Gold-plated Bronze Bhumba

◎ The Compassionate Blessing

02:23:17 Chanting Reminder: Prepare water, rice, fruits, etc before chanting to receive Buddha’s blessing

02:24:58 Grandmaster JinBodhi’s compassionate blessings


★ “Peace, Wisdom & Longevity Chanting Class” (8 days)

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