|Chanting class and singing bowl blessing session testimonial sharing

Students from all over the world shared the benefits they received from the recent “Along with Buddha Chanting Class”. Testimonials included: improved vision; passing kidney stones; back, leg, shoulder and neck pain alleviation; improved gastrointestinal functions; and increased merits and auspiciousness.

At the request of the online friends, Grandmaster JinBodhi performed an energy blessing session for everyone and conducted lucky draws on the Chinese, English and Korean YouTube platforms.

★ Livestream Contents:
00:00:00 Along with Buddha Chanting Class Experience | Official Start
00:08:07 On the blessed birthday of Medicine Buddha, Grandmaster gifts us bright illumination.
00:12:29 Gift Introduction: Taiwanese specialty foods

◎ Passing Kidney Stones, Improved Vision
00:20:50 Energy Healing Testimonial: passing kidney stones
00:22:12 Energy Healing and Light Offering Testimonial: passing kidney stones
00:24:34 Testimonial: quality of sleep improved, waking up in the middle of the night reduced
00:26:20 Testimonial: eye condition improved, no more surgery needed
00:27:28 Testimonial: black spots in eyes disappeared, vision became clearer
00:28:28 Testimonial: eye floaters improved, palmistry improved
00:29:38 Testimonial: dryness and pain in eyes disappeared
00:30:43 Testimonial: feeling light and comfortable!

◎ Increased Merits and Auspiciousness (Physiognomy and Palmistry)
00:31:41 Testimonial: closed two big deals in a week, developed merit cinnabars
00:32:26 Where merit cinnabars can grow and the good fortune associated with them.
00:39:10 Testimonial: child became very obedient and well-mannered!
00:41:15 Testimonial: chanting helped me overcome financial difficulties
00:43:07 Testimonial: worries disappeared, regained my good mood
00:44:35 Testimonial: five eminences of the palm became fuller, family has become harmonious
00:46:42 Testimonial: acid reflux disappeared, developed merit cinnabars, daughter’s menstrual cycle normalized
00:50:06 Testimonial: palms became fuller, merit cinnabars on my forehead
00:50:59 Testimonial: five eminences of the palm became fuller, merit cinnabars on my abdomen
00:52:01 Testimonial: hands became smooth, ear lobes became thicker

◎ Back, Leg, Shoulder, Neck and Head Pain Relief; Improved Digestion
00:53:04 Testimonial: stiffness in back alleviated
00:53:50 Testimonial: pain in left hand disappeared and husband recovered from flu
00:55:02 Testimonial: knees and legs became stronger
00:56:32 Testimonial: can now lift my legs as I walk!
00:58:13 Testimonial: back became more flexible
00:58:55 Testimonial: pain in right shoulder disappeared completely
00:59:50 Testimonial: pain from stiff neck disappeared
01:01:56 Testimonial: discomfort in shoulders and neck diminished, headache disappeared, sleep improved
01:02:52 Testimonial: gastrointestinal issues and appetite improved tremendously
01:08:35 Testimonial: discomfort in stomach diminished; no more leg pains and aches

◎ Happiness and Family Harmony
01:09:28 Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, challenges in self-cultivation lead to rebirth and transformed destinies
01:11:40 Prayer Registration List Testimonial: daughter became diligent in her studies and self-cultivation
01:13:05 Testimonial: feeling energetic, relaxed and peaceful!
01:17:15 Testimonial: recovered money from debtors
01:20:34 Testimonial: sleeping well at night, feeling great compassionate love
01:24:56 The Yin and Yang of life always reach equilibrium; birth and death interchange and interflow; our physical bodies, our lives, illnesses and troubles are all illusions.

01:33:31 Energy Blessing: Grandmaster JinBodhi performed a great energy blessing for everyone.
01:58:42 Lucky Draw: Chinese, English and Korean YouTube platforms

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