| Energy Bagua Aerobics released, learn about feng shui at home

On May 2nd, 2020, Grandmaster JinBodhi introduced the first episode of Energy Bagua Aerobics: archery exercise and knee strike.

Energy Bagua Aerobics can enhance physical fitness, vitality, heart and lung function, blood circulation, weight loss, and natural detoxing. #EBAerobics can also increase your confidence, charm and concentration!

★ Livestream Content:
How To Subscribe to Grandmaster JinBodhi’s YouTube
Reviewing Discussion Points from Past Livestreams

◎ Energy Bagua Aerobics
Grandmaster JinBodhi Energy Bagua Aerobics Episode 1
Student Experiences from Energy Bagua Aerobics
When should I practice Energy Bagua Aerobics?
Can my old grandmother practice Energy Bagua Aerobics?
How many times should I practice Energy Bagua Aerobics a day?

◎ Home Feng Shui
Feng Shui Case Study 1
Feng Shui Case Study 2
Feng Shui Case Study 3
Choosing a house to rent or buy (environment, color, height, etc.)

◎ Feng Shui Do’s and Don’ts: Location
High-speed rail next to balcony and bedroom
Good Feng Shui: backed by mountains, facing a river or lake
Bad Feng Shui: directly facing a road
High-voltage line not far from the front of the house
House across the street is taller than your own house
House next to a school

◎ Feng Shui Case Studies: Decoration
Feng Shui Tips: burning incense, hanging curtains, increasing light
Specimens, carvings, or decorations of dead animals
Stuffed animals and dolls in the bedroom
Displaying my son’s sword (received as an award)
Round pearl earrings
Plants in bedrooms
Bad Feng Shui: too many green plants and trees around the house
Feng Shui in the Garage

◎ Feng Shui Do’s and Don’ts
Bad Feng Shui: don’t live in a house that feels cold
Good Feng Shui: benefits to the human body of living in a well-ventilated, sunlit house
Bad Feng Shui: don’t use black and white as the main color theme
The Key to Having Good Home Feng Shui
Good Intentions Bring a Good Life and a Good Appearance

◎ Feng Shui Case Studies: Environment
Public park in front of the house
Backing behind the house
Group of drug addicts near the house
Main door of the living room faces a sharp corner of an opposite building
Back door is lower than the main door
Is it better to live in a building on a high floor or a lower floor?

The Feng Shui of Traditional Courtyard Rural Houses

◎ Feng Shui Case Studies: Surroundings
Pond behind the house
Feng Shui Case Study: house is higher than the road, eastern slope with trees and corn fields, western road
Big tree in front of the house?
House is near the main road?

◎ Energy Bagua
“The Secret Code of Energy Bagua” by Grandmaster JinBodhi: architecture, feng shui, health, life, and career wisdom
The Benefits of Energy Bagua Practice

◎ Feng Shui Case Studies: Surroundings
Main door directly facing the house across the street
Cemetery outside the rear window
Forest five meters away from the gate
Temple next to the house?
Lake behind the house?
Elementary school behind the house?
River crossing downstairs?
Close to the Public Security Bureau?
Primary school on the right, and nursing home on the left

Praying for Buddha’s guidance a month before buying a house and moving
The Feeling of a Noble House

Face Reading: blessings left by ancestors

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