In Family Precepts Part 9, Grandmaster JinBodhi talked about the advantages and disadvantages that a confident person has in their social interactions.

00:00:00 Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Family Precepts (Part 9) Live Start
00:02:01 Introduction to YouTube channel: How do we subscribe to Grandmaster JinBodhi’s YouTube video channel? How do we revise the teaching points from past broadcast videos?
00:05:31 Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Facebook: How do we communicate directly with Grandmaster JinBodhi?
00:09:27 Is it better to be very confident or less confident in our interactions with people?
00:10:56 People who are filled with confidence, sunshine and positivity are more charismatic.
00:13:31 A lack of confidence in a person’s mannerisms can make the person seem more approachable and humble.
00:16:41 A confident leader inspires faith, cultivates responsibility and encourages trustworthiness in their followers.
00:17:50 Confidence is very important to a student making a speech.
00:18:49 As confident as we are, we need to remain humble and maintain our thirst for knowledge.
00:20:18 It is difficult to work well with somebody who is too indecisive, too unsure about themselves and too self-effacing.
00:21:40 Youth Camp talk: “Awakening your inner dragon”.
00:22:27 A confident person must also be aware of the circumstances he is in and learn to observe those around him.
00:25:12 A story of the negative consequences that arise due to excessive inferiority.
Topics from Grandmaster JinBodhi’s dharma talk:
00:30:48 Why are some children reluctant to learn? What are the different types of character in the children?
00:32:50 How do we help children who are weaker compared to others?
00:35:19 Referring to Obama and Jay Chou as examples, what are the advantages of being an introvert?
00:38:41 Shower encouragement on children who feel inferior; Moderate the confidence level of children who are too confident.
00:41:28 Life’s success may sometimes arise from the pressures applied by the external environment at critical moments.
00:42:30 Saying of a dragon hiding in a valley: Intensely focused on practicing cultivation, akin to spending ten years to sharpen one sword.
00:45:26 Earning the first pot of gold in business: Something that is difficult to attain. Once attained, it can trigger other dangers.
00:47:39 Mr Li’s story of the consequences of over-confidence after earning his first pot of gold.
00:56:10 Over-confidence will result in conceit and obstinance.
00:56:45 Understanding the importance of “respect” in the word “self-respect”.
00:58:10 How a person can become a victim of his own cleverness: A story of Yang Xiu and Cao Cao from “The Warring Periods”.
01:05:15 Grandmaster JinBodhi’s contemplations about how Yang Xiu outsmarted himself.
01:09:14 Those who are filled with self-confidence need to reflect: What makes them so sure of themselves?
01:14:32 To survive, one has to lose his or her dignity; To stay alive, one has to show weakness.
01:15:43 The story about Liu Bang and Han Xin: To achieve greatness, one has to be tolerant and put down one’s dignity at critical moments.
01:22:35 The benefits that Liu Bang gained from “being diffident” and “putting down his self-dignity”.
01:33:51 Xiang Yu’s arrogance resulted in the infamous incidents “The burning of Epang Palace” and “The burning of Xian Yang city”.
01:37:21 To lose your dignity is to achieve the state of “No self”.
01:38:50 Excessive levels of self-confidence, self-love and pride are destructive; Excessive levels of inferiority, worry and anxiety are deadly.
01:41:01 Song Ren Zong’s humility, tolerance and kindness ushered in a dynasty of economic, cultural and scientific prosperity.
02:01:04 An emperor’s heart should be one that is unmoved by favor or disgrace, balanced between strength and gentleness, filled with benevolent love for the world.
02:03:03 Finding the balance between strength and gentleness: There should be some strength in the gentleness, or some gentleness in the strength; there should be some amount of inferiority balanced with some amount of confidence.
02:08:03 People who are too confident need to train themselves to withstand adversities and setbacks.
02:10:10 How are good swords formed?
02:16:36 Someone who lacks confidence but is willing to put in hard work can achieve success more easily.
02:17:59 Do not wish for your children to achieve success too early in their lives.
02:20:39 life’s wisdom, life’s experiences, life’s trials and tribulations.
02:23:27 If we are going to place a treasure vase at the main wealth spot of our house, what are the important attributes that we must look out for?

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