Grandmaster JinBodhi’s “Family Precepts” livestream series teaches everyone about family ethics and moral values. With this knowledge, our homes will be filled with joy, harmony and prosperity; our children will become successful, talented individuals who contribute to society.

In Part 8 of the Family Precepts Series, Grandmaster JinBodhi elaborates on the key points to remember in the course of socializing with others.

Livestream Topics:
◎ The need for all countries, companies, and individuals to socialize
◎ The power of socializing: Socializing integrates an individual into a collective group of people. Shy people start to emanate sunshine personality. Socializing helps to magnify our capabilities
◎ When we excel in socializing, at a macro level, all sentient beings stand to benefit. On a micro level, it equips us with the capability to earn a living to support our family so that we are not a burden to society
◎ In order to contribute to society: we need to master a skill and learn to socialize
◎ There are two sides of a coin to socializing: The ability to grasp both the positive and negative aspects of socializing determine whether a person will emerge to become a winner in society
◎ Choices in making friends: Matching personalities, for example, kindness, emanating sunshine and positivity
◎ Do not befriend people with bad habits: those who indulge in pornography, gamblers, drug abusers, swindlers, alcohol addicts and murderers
◎ In the course of socializing, we are allowed to take what is due to us, give more during times of need and stop all contacts when it is necessary
◎ Six precepts in socializing: Harmonious, co-operative, sympathetic, in line with the laws of Tao, reasonableness, matching moral values
◎ JinBodhi’s social circle: relationship is similar to a target board, learn to differentiate the different levels in your social circle
◎ There is a time limit to socializing: One who is a friend today may not be a friend tomorrow
◎ There is a time zone to interpersonal relationships. People who are closer to us play a part in helping the nitty gritty details of our daily life while essential help may come from someone who is not related to us by blood
◎ There is no discrimination between rich and poor in friends made in our younger days: Make more middle-class friends. It is also important to make friends with people from both the upper and lower class
◎ One who excels in socializing will succeed in life
◎ Treasures of socializing: Give and contribute more, value friendship and is righteous, know when to be thrifty and when to be generous, offer help during times of distress
◎ Conform to social etiquette: In dealing with the friends of your friends, do not forget about your friends
◎ Answering online friends’ questions: how do shy people make friends?
◎ Grandmaster JinBodhi tells socializing stories: Managers and upper-class story
◎ Answering online friends’ questions: Story on Emperor QianLong
◎ The key to socializing: To influence others
◎ Answering online friends’ questions: Do I need to make friends with people whom I dislike at first sight?
◎ Energy field: Attraction: Husbands and wives, good friends; Opposing: Inflict hurt on each other, unfeeling
◎ How to handle money lending requests from friends?
◎ Answering online friends’ questions: My husband tells me he needs to go out to socialize more so that we can live a better life. How should I perceive this?
◎ Consciousness of unexpected developments in countries, enterprises and families
◎ Is socializing related to whether we will turn out to be poor or rich?
◎ Answering online friends’ questions: Will there be a conflict between socializing and other time?
◎ What are the important topics to take note in socializing?
◎ Socializing is for long-term. Learn to manage and nurture good interpersonal relationship
◎ The wisdom of car tyre repairer
◎ Be conscious of the purpose of socializing: To live a better life and for emotional exchange
◎ Story on Teacher WuLi’s colleague: Treat customers as if they are your friends
◎ Basic knowledge on facial characteristics: the color of ears. When the skin color of ears is fairer than the face, this signifies nobility

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