| The benefits of chanting and the positive effects of energy blessing

In Chanting Group Practice Part 16, Grandmaster JinBodhi shared the stories of how online friends around the world have benefited from the chanting group practices and the energy blessing sessions. There were also stories of how practitioners have benefited physically and mentally after chanting for their parents. Finally, Grandmaster JinBodhi performed a great and auspicious energy blessing session for all participants.

★The content of the live broadcast is as follow:
00:00:00 Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Chanting Group Practice Part 16 begins.
00:00:05 Bodhi Meditation blessed item: Glazed-glass ornamental car accessories.
00:00:47 Bodhi Meditation blessed item: Silver-embossed glazed glass bracelet and mala beads.
00:02:16 Bodhi Meditation blessed item: Sunlight Bodhisattva gem bracelet.
00:03:50 Bodhi Meditation blessed item: Moonlight Bodhisattva gemstone mala.
00:04:57 Bodhi Meditation blessed item: Eastern blue gemstone bracelet.
00:07:38 Learning Buddhadharma helps us understand the right things to do and reduces the harm that we inflict on others.
00:12:24 Persevere in cultivation and your health will improve.
00:15:48 Chanting helped dissolve the decades-old resentment that I have towards my mother.
00:19:10 My father’s health improved after I chanted for him.
00:20:54 My parent’s health improved after I chanted for them.
00:23:33 My mother-in-law regained good vision and experienced lightness in her body after chanting.
00:25:02 My symptoms of synovitis disappeared after participating in the online group practice.
00:25:47 After I chanted and dedicated the chanting to my husband, his kidney stones were expelled out of his body.
00:26:25 I felt light and at ease after the online group practice sessions.
00:27:30 The online group practice sessions helped me get through the lowest point of my life.
00:28:40 Grandmaster JinBodhi’s powerful energy helped to dispel my anxiety and fear.
00:30:25 After the blessing session, the sarcoma on my left shoulder disappeared.
00:31:17 My chest felt very comfortable and light after the blessing session.
00:32:21 After the blessing session, the pain caused by my breast hyperplasia disappeared.
00:33:36 My sciatic nerves stopped hurting after the blessing session.
00:33:50 The back pain that had plagued me for 20 years disappeared and my husband cut down on his alcohol consumption.
00:35:28 After the blessing session, the lymph node lumps under my armpits disappeared.
00:35:53 My daughter’s pain from her wisdom teeth and my pain from the hyperostosis of the joints both disappeared.
00:37:02 After the blessing session, my grandchild’s swollen jaw receded.
00:39:00 Grandmaster’s blessing gave me infinite energy and strength.
00:39:51 The protection of Buddha’s light helped me avert disasters and turned my calamities into good fortune.
00:41:53 After the blessing session, my dog does not wake up in the middle of the night anymore.
00:43:55 Grandmaster JinBodhi shared with us the significance of the Family Precepts series.
00:51:33 Have a good beginning and a good ending – perform your job well.
00:54:04 Chanting session: Grandmaster JinBodhi led everyone to chant “Chanting to Avalokitesvara”.
01:20:29 Energy blessing session: Grandmaster JinBodhi performed energy blessing on all participants.
01:40:22 Next group practice timing: Same time on June 24 (Vancouver date).
01:37:47 Valuable prizes that will be given out in the lucky draw that will be held in the next online broadcast: [Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Antiquities Collections] Well-known Jin Ding Zisha teapot, [Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Antiquities Collections] Black glazed tea cup from the Yuan Dynasty.

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