| Revere the Law of Cause-and-Effect, Practice Restraint, Dissolve Karma, and Cultivate Diligently to Accumulate Merits

In Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Chanting Group Practice (Part 17), Grandmaster JinBodhi narrated real stories highlighting the law of cause-and-effect, reminding everyone to revere this law, and restrain their behavior from time to time. It is critical that practitioners be mindful and tread carefully, as if on thin ice, on their cultivation paths in order to dissolve their past karma and accumulate merits for themselves and for future generations. Grandmaster JinBodhi also led everyone in Chanting to Avalokitesvara to usher auspicious blessings for everyone.

★ Today’s key points include:
1. There’s no escaping the long arm of the Law; an intention driven by greed will eventually end in misery.
2. A practitioner brings benefits to the entire family; just as an evil-doer brings downfall to the entire family.

★ Live broadcast content includes the following:
00:05:36 Bodhi Meditation Blessed Items: Citrine Bracelet
00:06:40 Bodhi Meditation Blessed Items: Moonlight Bodhisattva Gemstone – Mala Prayer Beads
00:07:47 Bodhi Meditation Blessed Items: Oriental Blue Chalcedony Bracelet
00:10:17 Cause-and-effect Story: The story of Li DeSi’s greed for unjust wealth resulting in total loss of wealth and lives
00:37:18 Cause-and-effect Story: The sorry end of the malfeasance of the Police chief
00:43:09 Cause-and-effect Story: The consequences of stealing stone materials from the temple
00:54:58 Revere the Law of Cause-and-effect: How serious are the consequences of coveting the property of cultivation centers?
00:59:09 Cause-and-effect Story: The aftermath of the destruction of the Buddha statue by the little boy
01:02:41 Revere the Law of Cause-and-effect: The merits of revering the Buddha are ten thousand-fold, and the punishment for sins before the Buddha is immeasurable
01:03:59 Q&A from participants: How to remedy our past mistakes due to selfish intentions and greed?
01:08:15 Cause-and-effect Story: The real estate tycoon who was surrounded by ghosts every day
01:13:05 The mystic of emptiness: do not hurl insults even at things that are not visible to our naked eye
01:14:13 Revere the Law of Cause-and-effect: Chant regularly before the Buddha to accumulate more positive energy and merits while dissolving past karma
01:16:13 Chanting Group Practice: Grandmaster JinBodhi led all participants in Chanting to Avalokitesvara
01:39:47 On the cultivation path, be ever mindful as one would when treading on thin ice
01:45:19 Grandmaster JinBodhi led everyone in reading out the Personal Code of Conduct

☆ Personal Code of Conduct ☆
Repeat after me : I am the most compassionate, I do not harm others, I am not greedy, I do not gossip, I do not fall for wealth or lust; I aspire to be a peaceful, kind, compassionate and diligent person, I will rise early every day, cultivate with diligence, and not perform unwholesome deeds.

01:55:34 Energy blessing: Grandmaster JinBodhi performed great energy blessings for everyone
02:06:58 Extraordinary Auspicious Opportunity →:
Gifts to be presented at the live broadcast on June 27th, Vancouver time: blessed handwritten cards by Grandmaster JinBodhi

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【Extended Reading】
Chanting to Avalokitesvara by Grandmaster JinBodhi

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