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Replenish energy, wash away fatigue, recover health. This profound energy dispels worries and discomfort; let the lingering sound of the singing bowls restore your body and mind to health.

Feeling bombarded and drained by family, work, relationship, and societal issues? Feeling agitated, restless, and overwhelmed by daily life? Close your eyes, and immerse yourself in the great healing energy of singing bowls.

Let each sound that rings out enter your body, flow into your heart, and connect with your spirit.

Each resonance awakens your compassion and releases all burdens.

Each wave purifies, nourishes, replenishes, and restores your body and mind to a healthy balance.

Find inner peace, deep relaxation, and connection with the natural universe. Experience radiant health and live life at ease.

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Listen, and all is well. Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Healing Series:

🎵 24/7 Live Deep Sleep Music | “Life Is a Dream” https://youtu.be/RWabK_hVXdM

🎵 4 Hour Heart’s Companion Ambient Music | “Beyond the Worldly Mind” https://youtu.be/kLClhrPq09Q?list=PLd…

🎵 2 Hour Guru Rinpoche’s Heart Mantra https://youtu.be/VhZdm1jSRpc?list=PLd…


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