Philosopher Chuang Tzu once said, “I am one with Heaven, Earth and all its creations.” The idea of being “one with Heaven” is a philosophical concept that held great importance in Ancient China. “Heaven” refers to Nature, which humans are a part of. This concept holds that humanity and Nature share an origin, attributes, structures, and laws.

What is the significance of this philosophical idea to humankind? How should it be applied in practice?

In this teaching, Grandmaster JinBodhi shares the benefits of becoming one with Nature and leads us to a thorough “visualization of becoming one with Heaven.” According to Grandmaster JinBodhi, such visualization is not only a type of meditation practice, but also a method of natural self-healing.

The wonder of this method can only be understood by following Grandmaster’s guidance and experiencing it personally.

【You will learn】

  • The benefits of becoming one with Nature
  • Instructions on the visualization of becoming one with Heaven

【Featured aphorisms】

  • Becoming one with Nature allows for recovery and liberation.
  • Become one with the world; you will be able to manifest fulfillment by embracing all of creation.


I am one with Nature. I’m one with emptiness. How do you become one with emptiness? The difference between humans and animals is our vivid imagination. Our imaginations are abstract and creative. Through our imagination, we can come to truly understand the world. This is called wisdom.

Visualization of Becoming One with Heaven

So during our practice, I always remind everyone to be one with Nature. I am the mountain, and the mountain is me. I am the tree, and the tree is me. I am the sky, and the sky is me. What else? I am emptiness, and emptiness is me. I am going one step further today. I am one with Nature. I am one with emptiness. How do you become one with emptiness? Just imagine you are empty. What does it mean to be empty? It is nothingness.

You can think of the sky, right? Imagine you are the sky. Can you do that? You are the sky. Many people are very socially responsible. If I am the sky, then what happens to the airplane? Don’t worry, you are only picturing it. It is not going to affect an airplane’s route. No one is going to shoot you down. It is only a visualization. The difference between humans and animals is our vivid imagination. Our imaginations are abstract and creative. Through our imagination, we can come to truly understand the world. This is called wisdom.

Armed with this knowledge, we will no longer feel fear. People return to earth upon death. Like in Avatar, when people die and get buried, they return to Nature. This is the relationship between man and Nature. Various elements come together which allow us to be human. Lacking a few elements, and we become a frog. Any slight variation results in a different animal. I believe the difference between apes’ and humans’ DNA is very slight. Thus, we are one with Nature.

Logical people ask about the benefits of such knowledge. The benefits are recovery of one’s health and liberation from suffering. No matter the worth or quality of a tree, its lifespan is longer than ours. If humans don’t cut them down, each tree can live between a few hundred to thousand years of age. I am the mountain. Most of the mountains we see today are over 100 million years old. Some that were formed by lava from volcano eruptions are a few thousand years old.

Jeju Island could be at least 20,000 years old. For many who have been there, you would have seen black rocks. Those were formed from the ashes from underwater eruptions, volcanic rocks, and lava. Granite-like materials are ore from the Earth’s crust. When other planets hit Earth, parts of the crust came up to the surface as big rocks. How old are these big rocks? At least 10 billion years old.

So when we become a part of Nature, “I am the mountain, and the mountain is me.” It represents eternity. It means a long life that is relatively eternal. How would this benefit me? When our lifeforce is not strong enough, our spirit calls out for us to become one with Nature. Then, all our negative energy and illnesses disintegrate and we are replenished. It is like drawing an outline of yourself on a sandy beach. Within the outline, there is a cigarette butt. That is the illness. Take it out. Then smooth out the sand; this action is akin to healing.

When Nature helps with our lives, it is very easy to recover our health, gain longevity, and receive Nature’s energy and protection. It is up to you if you believe it or not. When you are one with the Earth, you no longer trip over bricks when walking. Some seem to have eyes on their feet. Their feet find the only rock in their path to stub their toe on. It hurts a lot. Why did this happen? It is because you don’t love this world. You are short-tempered and arrogant.

When you are one with this world, you won’t step on nails even if you are surrounded by them. You will seem to have eyes all around that see everything. This helps to avoid accidents. The world is yours to use as you will. But when you don’t love this world and are arrogant, you are in direct conflict with it. You dislike this world and vice versa. Let’s see who wins. You would get punished for this.

This is a type of self-cultivation and a supernatural healing method. Try it out. Visualize as I speak. Let’s try again.

I am the night sky. All the stars and the Universe are me. Don’t imagine yourself too specifically. It doesn’t matter what kind of clothes you wear. You’re a blurry image without even a body outline. Don’t think about your body. There isn’t one. I am the night sky. The Earth’s oceans are me. The blue sea is my life. I am the world’s largest mountain range. I am the Universe.

I am a new sprout emerging on Earth, heralded in by the spring breeze. I grow joyously, happily and robustly, making this world a more wonderful place. I am reborn. I am now healthier, more beautiful, and filled with boundless energy.

I am the Universe. I am one with the Universe. I am eternity. I am the most perfect starry sky in the Universe. All mistakes and pain can be self-healed and corrected. It is like seeing the moon, sun and Earth daily. Nothing stops this phenomenon. That is me. Every star we see is a pore on my body. No worries. No joy. I am neither dying nor being born.

Fate ordained the coming together of several elements to form each of us. We are Heaven’s creation, not ordinary people. We are closely connected with the sky and earth. This is mankind’s best self-initiated recovery, healing and rejuvenation method.