What could a weird dream mean when a series of accidents happened right after its occurrence? In this dream, there was murky water and someone’s arm being touched. Are disasters indicated?

From the perspective of yin and yang philosophy, Grandmaster JinBodhi interprets a dream and the messages it implies, as well as what can be done to stay blessed in our lives.

【You will learn】

  • What do clear water and murky water imply in a dream?
  • The different symbolism of “left” and “right” in Chinese philosophy


(Q: In my dreams, someone touched my sister’s arm.

On the evening of April 25th, I dreamt that a small river back home had swelled greatly. The water was very murky. There were a few half-naked people in the river. They looked fair-skinned and plump. When I turned to look again, they’d all come ashore. I saw two of them touching my sister’s right arm. I immediately started chanting Guru Rinpoche’s Heart Mantra and then woke up.

On the evening of May 31st, while riding my bike home, I collided with a car, causing a fracture at the tip of my right collarbone. I went to the hospital for surgery. At noon on July 14th, while my sister was covering for me at work, she burned her right arm while making dessert. Both of us injured our right side. Grandmaster, what connection does my dream have with these accidents?)

Based on my understanding of dreams, usually, clear water represents auspiciousness and wealth. Clear waters signify wealth is coming. Murky waters signify that bad things will happen, such as disputes, disasters, and other troubles, or issues such as losing money and so on. This person’s dream had murky and turbulent waters, that’s not a good sign.

Additionally, there were these half-naked ghostly beings touching their sister’s right arm. My initial understanding is these beings might not be human; it could be evil energy.

Chinese philosophy typically holds the belief that the world is composed of yin and yang. Men, high mountains, things that stand tall, and bright things are considered yang in property. Women, the shadows of trees, the night, and gentleness are said to be yin attributed. When it comes to our bodies, the left hand is considered yang, while the right is considered yin.

When it comes to our right hand and right foot, it represents not only the right side, in terms of the family, it also represents yin properties and women. All women in your family, no matter the generation, should take this dream seriously. In the dream, the sister’s arm is touched; the troubles are directed at the sister.

Plus the murky water which points to disaster. The troubles are not over. The feeling this dream brings is more than just a burn in the kitchen. How severe can it be? It cannot be known for sure. We’re interpreting the dream but must remember: The secrets of Heaven cannot be revealed. In this case, more merits are needed. It will help you guys avoid more serious accidents happening to your right side. Also, avoid places with water; don’t go on boats or play by the river or sea; stay away from large bodies of water.

Also, because you had a dream like this, it’s not a suitable time to get married, invest, start a business, or take important exams. If you have lawsuits, those might be hard to win too. Because you are not yang, but yin. (Buying a house?) All major decisions should be avoided. Let this energy subside, only then can you proceed with the next auspicious matter. Generally, it takes at least 6 months or more.

Unless you have a powerful blessed item or merits to support you; or else, there will be troubles, especially flood-related disasters.