Tomb sweeping is the most important custom during Qingming Festival, with a history of thousands of years. It is an activity that helps foster gratitude toward ancestors in the younger generations while also forging stronger bonds among family members. With that said, what should we take note of during tomb sweeping to avoid offending the spirits and attracting bad luck? Find out in this video.

【You will learn】

  • Things to take note of regarding tomb sweeping


(1. Dress should be simple and dignified.)

When visiting graves and paying respects, regardless of gender, one must dress respectfully. This should be the main concern. Color is something to consider. People usually wear plain or dark-colored clothes. Avoid wearing anything too bright or red. Tomb sweeping is an occasion for mourning and remembrance, so, dress decently, OK? That’s for the dressing part. Wear respectful makeup and accessories too. Avoid red or bright colors. Keep this in mind.

(2. Maintain a solemn and dignified attitude.)

Show your respect from your heart. Don’t laugh or joke during the process of the rituals. That’s not a place for laughter. Pick another time, OK? Don’t say things like: “What’s with all the crying? Nonsense.” Don’t say that. People are grieving because they lost their loved ones. Laughing at others will attract evil spirits.

(3. Eat/drink wisely; avoid the bathrooms.)

Don’t eat too much; you’d want to avoid using the bathrooms at the cemetery. Don’t drink too much; eat after you’re done worshiping. Leave after eating; use a gas station’s bathroom on the way back, which is more convenient and safer.

Not all cemeteries have a bathroom, OK? For example, a cemetery in an open, vast farmland doesn’t have a bathroom. You want to go but can’t find one. You want to squat down, as you’re afraid of being seen by others. You need to find cover. You don’t want to go near a tomb. It’s dangerous. Yes, it’s easy to attract evil spirits. You might get sick, and no one can cure you.

4. Arrive and leave together. If 10 people come together, then 10 people should leave at the same time.

5. Do not pick up items from the cemetery. This is a common mistake made by many. When people see flowers they can’t get, they pluck them. You don’t know what you’re touching. Artifacts that look like ceramic or jade might be human bones. Some are belongings of the deceased dug up by the animals. So, don’t bring them home. It’s better to respect the spirits.

(Tomb-sweeping precautions: 1. Dress respectfully. 2. Maintain a respectful attitude. 3. Eat/drink wisely; avoid the bathrooms. 4. Arrive and leave together. 5. Do not pick up items from the cemetery.)