Yan Zhilong | Taiwan

Autoimmune disorders can cause serious symptoms. In many cases, standard medical care is ineffective at helping autoimmune patients achieve a better quality of life.
But there is hope. Since the cells in the human body are updated every second, can our overall health situation be rapidly “updated” through the use of a simple but powerful method?
Energy Bagua has created countless documented health miracles. Yan Zhilong is one such living miracle. Watch his story. And then join us to become the next Energy Bagua beneficiary!

My name is Yan Zhilong. I am from Chiayi, Taiwan. I am 62 years old. I have been a member and president of many committees. I have also worked in real estate. I live under a lot of pressure.

After taking a bath in June 2020, I found a white spot between my legs, and the doctor said it was a symptom of an autoimmune disorder. My white spots were pretty aggressive and would attack areas with weakened immunity. If my immunity decreased further, it might be fatal. I went to 3 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctors and 3 Western medicine doctors. None of them were helpful.

In 2019, I got kidney stones. It was very painful, so I had surgery immediately. After a couple months, I had to get up hourly to urinate at night. I almost couldn’t sleep. In 2014, I had bone spurs in my third and fourth lumbar vertebrae. My right foot hurt because of the spurs. Sometimes, I couldn’t sleep because of the pain. When I walked, I had to drag my right foot. I couldn’t lift it like this or kick it. I had a stressful job and couldn’t sleep well then. I gradually developed a hunchback. If you don’t deal with it, it may lead to a stroke. My mother had it too.

The doctor said I could die if I didn’t deal with the white spots. So I went to Xianghu Park to practice Energy Bagua.

I started in July 2020. After I had practiced for a month, my white spots improved. The white spots on my hands and feet were gone. After 108 days of practice, I had a follow-up exam on March 4, 2021. The doctor said my bone spurs had become very small. The x-ray showed that there were no bone spurs at all. I could kick, walk, and even climb stairs without being helped.

About a year later, my hunchback was completely gone. My weight was 80 kg then. After a year of practice, I now weigh 67 kg. My waist circumference used to be 38, but now it’s only 32. I only need to urinate one or 2 times at night now. I have a very relaxing and comfortable sleep every night.

Energy Bagua, taught by Grandmaster JinBodhi, is really magical. Many thanks to Grandmaster JinBodhi for giving me a new life. I was a patient before. Now I have become a handsome man with a positive spirit. Thank you, Grandmaster JinBodhi.