The history of The Sutra of Contemplation on Amitabha Buddha began in the era of Sakyamuni Buddha. The story begins with Queen Vaidehi, who was imprisoned by her own son. She pleaded for the Buddha to teach her how to leave her state of suffering behind. After learning the teachings of Buddha, she aspired to be reborn in the Western World of Ultimate Bliss. The sutra covers 16 visualizations which focus on Amitabha Buddha and the Western World of Ultimate Bliss, as well as the benefits and merits of receiving and upholding this sutra.

Grandmaster JinBodhi expounded this sutra using easy-to-understand language so that people could learn about the 16 visualizations with ease. Upon joining and listening to the lessons on The Sutra of Contemplation on Amitabha Buddha by Grandmaster JinBodhi, one shall be blessed with Divine protection, disaster and karma elimination, health, longevity, auspiciousness, wealth and wisdom, and will be destined for enlightenment.

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