What are the causes and consequences of the historical stories that happened at the time of Buddha?
How did the Buddha explain the cause and effect contained in this great time and space?
In Explore the Realm of Buddha (Part 3), Grandmaster JinBodhi gives us an in-depth interpretation of the historical stories from the time of Buddha.
Do you know the interesting stories that happened during the Buddhas 49 years of dharma teaching?
What was the relationship between the great benefactor and the Buddha, and what blessings did he receive?
What interesting stories happened between the Buddha and the King?

Finally, how did the Buddha breakthrough Indias rigorous caste system, so that Niti, who had gone to a lower class, could also learn buddhadharma and practice cultivation? What is the cause and consequence within this?
It was overwhelming when Buddhas country suffered a massacre. Why couldnt he stop it?
In this lesson, Grandmaster JinBodhi reminds us that only by revering and believing in cause and effect, and respecting every living being with compassion, can we have a smoother life.

00:00:00 Explore the Realm of Buddha (Part 3) begins
00:00:11 Opening short video
00:00:45 OpeningHistorical stories of Buddha
00:02:39 The Life of Buddha: The story of Sudatta Anathapindika (also called “the elder who offers to other lonely elders”)the sprouting of the kind-rooted seed.
00:15:40 The Life of Buddha: Building the monasteryJetavana vihara.
00:27:39 Q&A: How to cultivate a kind root? All kind and evil deeds are created by humans. We should do all good deeds.
00:34:10 Q&A: What accomplishment did Sudatta achieve? Where is the Tusita Heaven located in the heavenly realm?
00:40:10 The wisdom of Buddha: Prasenajit connected with the Buddhawhat are the four things that should not be underestimated?
00:51:32 The Indian caste systemBrahmin | Kshatriya | Vaishya | Shudra
01:01:01 Q&A: Can the lowest-ranked people in the caste system learn and practice buddhadhrama?The story of Niti.
01:11:44 Niti achieved perfect arhat status.
01:12:41 500 Niti revealed his magic power. | Buddha explained cause and effect to Prasenajit. | Why did Niti become an dung carrier for 500 generations.
01:31:41 Causality story: Understand cause and effect.
01:35:02 The wisdom of Buddha: Buddha instructed Prasenajit to lose weight. | Five causes of obesity. | How to treat the 3-hypers.
01:48:29 The wisdom of Buddha: The causality story of Prasenajit and Ajatasatru.
01:59:15 Causality story: Prasenajit married Princess Mallika and had a baby who became Virudhaka.
02:08:08 Causality story: Little Virudhaka was insulted by the Shakya tribe and set an intention to kill.
02:15:16 Causality story: The revenge of Virudhaka. | Ajatasatru attained Trayastrimsa.
02:19:02 Causality story: The revenge of Virudhaka. | Although Maudgalyayana tried to save him, his magic power couldn’t resolve the fate of previous sins.
02:28:27 Causality story: Previous connections between Virudhaka and the Shakya tribe. | How deep was the hostility between Virudhaka and the Shakya tribe that even Buddha could not help?
02:35:07 Causality story: Understand the karma caused by killing, lust, hatred, and insult. | Do a good deed no matter how small it is; don’t commit an evil act even if it seems small.
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