| The root cause of suffering, the evil obstacles to enlightenment, enlightenment and human nature

What will you encounter on the path of cultivation? Did Buddha encounter evil obstacles during his cultivation? What are the root causes to all these afflictions and suffering?

Through his cultivation, Buddha realized that the cause of all sufferings lies in people’s misconceptions about this world which gave rise to many wrong behaviors. In order to attain full liberation, we need to first understand what the root cause of pain and suffering is.

In Explore the realm of Buddha (Part 2), Grandmaster JinBodhi shared the following with us: How did Buddha come to realize the fundamental cause of pain and happiness in life, and what questions and difficulties did he experience on his path of cultivation? What conflicts did he see between enlightenment and human nature? What revelations were there from the ordeals and evil obstacles that he went through? How is the heavenly realm like? How did Buddha overcome the evil obstacles and gain enlightenment eventually? Buddha’s story gave us insights and let us reflect on how we face all the evil obstacles on our path of cultivation to become infinitely compassionate, merciful, enlightened and liberated.

Are you ready to follow Grandmaster JinBodhi’s lead to take a peek at the secrets of the heavenly realms?

★The content of the live broadcast is as follow:
00:00:00 Explore the realm of Buddha (Part 2) begins.
00:01:49 Short film “The heart demon”: The encounters along the path of cultivation during the exploration of the realm of the Buddha.
00:04:32 Opening scene.
00:07:11 The life of Sakyamuni Buddha: Why didn’t Buddha use his position as the ruler of his kingdom to spread Buddha dharma?
00:22:03 The life of Sakyamuni Buddha: How did Buddha’s father King Suddhodana feel when Buddha refused to return to the kingdom to be king?
00:33:26 The life of Sakyamuni Buddha: Did Buddha’s father, King Suddhodana receive any merits for the support he gave on Buddha’s cultivation journey?
00:36:56 The life of Sakyamuni Buddha: What merits did the shepherdess receive for making offerings to Buddha?
00:39:08 Exploring the secrets of the heavenly realms: A look at the Trayastrimsa heaven and the heavenly beings | The heavenly beings have life spans of 36 million years which is much longer than the dinosaurs!
00:53:03 Exploring the secrets of the heavens: What worlds exist in the universe? | Jade Emperor | Sakra.
00:55:23 The life of Sakyamuni Buddha: The shepherdess continued to attend to Buddha and learn from him. Eventually she became an Arhat.
01:01:35 The life of Sakyamuni Buddha: The historical relics of Buddha’s dharma propagation and cultivation journey | The abode in the bamboo forest.
01:03:46 Why is it that the images of Arhats do not look as accomplished? The significance of the 18 Arhats.
01:07:56 The life of Sakyamuni Buddha: As Buddha was meditating for 49 days, demon kings and demonesses appeared in the form of poisonous snakes to tempt and threaten the Buddha. Did Buddha really encounter them? Or is this an analogy with a special significance?
01:12:45 Understand the five poisons: In the face of temptation, where does fear come from? How do we overcome it?
01:21:51 Why are snakes used to symbolize greed?
01:25:56 How do we overcome obstacles in life to achieve a breakthrough?
01:30:39 How to differentiate between evil obstacles and real demons | The ever-changing demons in the classic “Journey to the west”.
01:33:47 The real façade of demons | The story of the old father and the caregiver.
01:42:08 Elderly men who own flashy sports cars.
01:44:42 We can behold Buddha only when we have truly understood the significance of praying to Buddha | What is joy? Joy is the lack of suffering.
01:47:20 How do we free ourselves from desires?
01:52:23 How do we see through traps and defenses | Story about a movie | Without greed, we will have fortitude.
01:55:23 The story of the practitioner in Vancouver who got cheated.
02:00:26 The life of Sakyamuni Buddha: Why did the poisonous snake who was attacking Buddha turned around to shield him from the rain and defend the dharma instead? With the King of snake protecting the dharma, all evil is avoided
02:06:24 All humans are afflicted with the five poisons of greed, anger, ignorance, pride and doubt, but all humans can attain enlightenment.
02:11:04 Advise from Grandmaster: Understand the principles behind gains and losses in life | Karmic principles.
02:15:40 Picking something up is a form of greed. Letting go leads to liberation.

02:17:49 Notice of next online broadcast: Explore the realm of Buddha (Part 3) – North America Vancouver 2021 February 27 6pm, Asia Taipei 2021 February 28 10am.

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