Are you chasing your dreams? The first thing to do is set clear goals!

Chinese language version:

Picking a career and realizing dreams are equally critical for young people. However, the road to achieving your dreams is filled with challenges and difficulties. How do you persevere and not give up halfway? Welcome to my latest livestream, “For Youths: Achieve Your Dreams.”

Q&A with Grandmaster JinBodhi: Career planning
00:00:00 What career should I choose for my future?
00:04:24 Careers with the best personal development opportunities

Q&A with Grandmaster JinBodhi: Realizing your dreams
00:08:19 What should I do if it’s hard to persist with my dream?
00:10:08 What if I can’t achieve my dream even after persevering?
00:16:41 Why was Steve Jobs able to change the world?
00:22:15 The importance of keeping your word

Q&A with Grandmaster JinBodhi: Establishing yourself in society
00:26:13 How do I become accomplished?
00:28:48 The importance of mastering a skill

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