| Fate’s twists and turns are caused by karmic entanglements with a past life?!

For Chinese Version:命運波折 竟是前世因緣纏身 | 宗師看命相 你怕水嗎

A young girl, plagued by misfortune, often encounters evil spirits. Whether it’s university entrance exams, marriage, or buying a house, she always faces setbacks at critical moments in life. Where do her troubles originate? Watch “Grandmaster Tells Your Fortune” and uncover the mysteries of fate.

00:00:00 Grandmaster Tells Your Fortune: Are You Scared of Water?
00:00:27 Student Story: Accidentally Opening the Divine Eye, Leading to Disturbance by Evil Spirits
00:03:01 Why Do I Frequently Encounter Evil Spirits? How Can It Be Resolved?
00:10:51 Will I Have a Good Marriage in the Future?
00:13:41 Face Reading with Grandmaster: Which Facial Features Indicate a Tendency for Misfortune and Depression?
00:18:10 Student Sharing: Years of Depression Resolved, Finally Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

※ Malaysia: For non-Muslims only