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Romantic troubles caused by a fox spirit?!
A young, beautiful woman had dated eight boyfriends, but each relationship ended in failure. It seemed that there was a mysterious force hindering her from finding a good match. Additionally, she often dreamed of a fox saying to her, “I am your ‘fox sister’…”

What kind of magical fate brought the woman and the fox together? Do fox spirits really exist? How can one identify if a fox spirit has possessed someone?

00:00:00 I’m Your “Fox Sister”

◎ Listen to Grandmaster JinBodhi Tell Supernatural Stories
00:00:07 Eight boyfriends and none of them worked out?

◎ The Five Animal Deities of Northeast China
00:06:49 What is an animal deity?
00:07:49 Signs of being possessed by an animal deity.
00:12:28 How do fox spirits advance in their practice?
00:16:52 What kind of person gets enchanted by fox spirits?

◎ Tips for Breaking Enchantment
00:19:59 Bewitching spells that manipulate people’s hearts: Love spells.
00:21:53 How to avoid being influenced by evil spells?
00:25:51 What are some objects that ward off evil?
00:27:39 How to deal with a “home-protecting spirit” that is no longer worshipped?

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