A person’s luck has a subtle connection with their energy field, which is closely related to their emotions. Many people have had similar experiences: They feel comfortable and happy around certain individuals, but feel unhappy, heavyhearted, and low on confidence when around others. How can one recognize the characteristics of people who possess negative energy? And when struck by an emotional upheaval, how can one resolve difficult emotions and transform them into positive energy to welcome good luck?

Can negative energy influence luck? Free yourself of dark emotions to boost your fortune.The five characteristics of people with negative energy

What is negative energy? Does it affect health?

Negative energy typically refers to negative emotions, as opposed to positive energy such as happiness, gratitude, contentment, tolerance, and empathy, which can bring us positive and optimistic motivation. Dark, challenging emotions include anger, fear, tension, sadness, jealousy, pain, suppression, irritability, and more. Not only can such feelings make one negative and narrowminded, but they can also affect daily life and work to varying degrees, and even harm one’s physical and mental health.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, emotions play a crucial role in influencing health, and emotional imbalance may affect the entire body. For example, anger may lead to liver dysfunction, and sadness may damage lung function. Therefore, maintaining a good emotional state is crucial for physical and mental health. When negative emotions accumulate and become stuck within the body for a long time, they may obstruct the flow of energy in all systems. Over time, this may lead to a decline in the body’s immune function, and increase the risk of chronic diseases, depression, and other mental illnesses, affecting overall health and quality of life.

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Characteristics of people with negative energy and signs of bad luck

In the course of daily life, we inevitably encounter individuals who always wear a frown, are in low spirits, and constantly complain. Their in-built tendency is to react negatively, regardless of the situation. People who exude this kind of dark energy affect those around them, leaving others physically and mentally exhausted and devoid of fighting spirit. So, what are the characteristics of people with negative energy?

Characteristics of people with negative energy and signs of bad luck

1. Habitual complaining

People with negative energy always complain, habitually transferring their challenging emotions onto others. Whether it’s work, relationships, or other aspects of life, they always feel things are not going their way, and everyone and everything is displeasing. Positive and optimistic words are rarely heard from them.

2. Negative and pessimistic

They always anticipate the worst and make the worst assumptions about everything. They lack goals in life, initiative, and purpose. They live aimlessly and fear challenges. They retreat at the slightest setback and always find excuses to avoid responsibility.

3. Easily angered

Such individuals often struggle to control their emotions. They have a bad temper, low emotional intelligence, lack a sense of security, and exhibit poor self-control. In many situations, they lack appropriate ways of expression, so they tend to respond with anger and impatience to any problem they encounter.

4. Lack of empathy

They live in their own world and are often self-centered. They ignore others’ feelings and are unable to empathize or put themselves in others’ shoes. Their inability to understand others’ emotions and thoughts blocks them from coming up with solutions to problems.

5. Arrogance and conceit

Such people always carry themselves with an air of arrogance. They maintain a sense of superiority when interacting with others. They often scorn others’ efforts, lack care and respect, and sometimes even highlight their imagined superiority by belittling others.

★ The power of thoughts

Negative energy and bad luck mutually influence each other. For example, when a person is negative, they often attract negative people, events, and things, leading to a series of unfortunate happenings. On the other hand, bad luck may also lead to the generation of negative energy. To break this negative cycle, it is necessary to start by changing one’s own mindset.

Grandmaster JinBodhi says that many sufferings and illnesses are caused by our minds. In his book Buddhist Robes, Grandmaster JinBodhi states that whether one experiences Heaven or hell is the result of one’s thoughts. Therefore, one should learn to look at everything with a higher level of thinking and worldview.

4 ways to release negative energy and transform adversity into good luck!

If we let negative emotions and energy accumulate for a long period without timely release, they may reduce our work efficiency and damage our physical and mental health. However, we can rely on certain methods to quickly rid ourselves of negative energy, maintain a healthy state of body and mind, and improve our energy field to attract good luck.

4 ways to release negative energy and transform adversity into good luck!

1. Physical exercises

Exercising helps release negative energy. Physical activities, such as brisk walking, yoga, aerobics, etc., help relieve tension and stress.

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2. Meditation

Meditation practices can help us relieve stress, alleviate negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, and depression, and restore physical and mental energy. Not only that, but the positive energy gained during meditation also helps us experience peaceful, rejuvenating sleep.

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3. Getting close to Nature

All living things have energy. Getting close to Nature and basking in the sun can dispel feelings of depression. In Nature, we can quietly listen to the sound of the wind blowing through the leaves and the chirping of insects and birds, feel the vitality of the natural world, and enjoy Earth’s healing power through our five senses. This is a very effective way to release inner stress and negative energy.

4. Helping others and doing good deeds

Sometimes, when trapped in our own negative emotions, we tend to become narrowminded. However, if we can learn to be generous, help others, and do good deeds without expecting anything in return, it can broaden our minds and free us from emotional lows. In addition, Grandmaster JinBodhi also reminds everyone that when we help others sincerely with a compassionate heart, the merits generated not only bring Dharma Joy to our body and mind, but we also accumulate life-changing blessings, such as mind purity, peace, wealth, and auspiciousness.

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Everything in life is built on the balance of yin and yang, so there is no absolute good or bad, and no eternal positive or negative. Even when good luck seems abundant, there will naturally be low periods as well. Faced with life’s lows, how can one transform negative energy into good luck? In addition to always maintaining a compassionate and selfless heart and treating everyone well, if one can also engage in more charity, do more good deeds, get closer to the Buddhas and bodhisattvas, and diligently practice, it can help cultivate a positive energy field. A person with such energy is lucky and auspicious, drawing forth the best of life.

Join us in following Grandmaster JinBodhi’s practices to learn how to apply kindness in daily life, accumulate merits and blessings, and improve life conditions and energy levels. You can participate in retreats and chanting classes at Bodhi Meditation Centers around the world or join online courses through Puticollege.com. You can also accumulate merits and generate protection for yourself and your family through activities such as light offerings and building Buddha statues. With enough merits and sufficient energy, you shall live a life blessed with good luck and happiness.

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