I’m Kim Danhee from Seoul’s White Jade Bodhi Meditation Center in South Korea. Six years ago, I was still in school, consumed by my research work. From ten in the morning until four or five a.m. the next morning, I would be engrossed in my lab, sitting in a chair for hours on end. This demanding lifestyle went on for more than six months and took its toll on my lower back, causing serious damage. From then on, if I sit for any extended amount of time, it will trigger excruciating back pain, forcing me to rely on a waist belt for support. I also tried stretches and exercises to correct my posture. Together, they offered me a little bit of relief from the pain.

In February of this year (2023), my back pain flared up again, bringing my daily routine to a halt. Even sitting for a short lunch break became unbearable, and when I tried to get up, I had to support my back like an elderly person, crying out in pain. People around me couldn’t help but express their surprise, questioning why someone so young was dealing with such a severe back problem.

On the sixth day of this retreat, Grandmaster JinBodhi performed an energy blessing for the class. During the blessing, I felt an electric current rising from my lower back, permeating the entire area with a surge of energy. As Grandmaster continued with the energy blessing, a cool sensation spread, as if I were applying a soothing ointment. The feelings of energy surge lasted for several hours, and the cooling sensation continues to this day, providing my lower back with soothing comfort. This newfound relief has made standing up after meditation sessions much easier for me.

When I initially started practicing Bodhi Meditation, my family didn’t quite understand it. However, as they witnessed the positive changes in my health and the significant improvement in my acne issues, their curiosity began to grow. One by one, they started asking me questions and expressing interest in Bodhi Meditation. This led to my sister and mother also becoming involved in this transformative practice. My mother joined me in a previous chanting class, and during the recent Health and Happiness Retreat, my sister decided to join as well. I’m overjoyed to share that she received her blessing and successfully found a job. I am deeply grateful to Grandmaster and the practice of Bodhi Meditation for these incredible transformations in our lives.

(The effects of meditation vary from person to person.)