There are many delicious ways to prepare rice cakes. What’s your preference? Coated in batter and fried till crispy? The Japanese baked style? Or how about the Korean spicy-fried style?

In this video, Grandmaster JinBodhi shows us how to cook Bodhi Braised Rice Cakes, a delicious and nutritious take on a staple favorite. This dish is simple to prepare and super-tasty! Are you ready? Watch and enjoy.

【You will learn】

  • How to cook Bodhi Braised Rice Cakes
  • Benefits of eating peppercorns and fennel seeds


Hello, my dear friends. (Hello, Master!) Today, I will cook a special meal. It is a mixture of vegetables and staples. It is called “Bodhi Braised Rice Cakes”.

Braising is a type of cooking method. This is the rice-cake stick made in Korea. This stick style of rice cake can be bought in any grocery store. I didn’t soak it beforehand. You also need a head of cabbage. It is also called Chinese cabbage. In addition, you will need 3 tomatoes. I peeled these tomatoes after scalding them with boiling water. You will need red and yellow sweet peppers. Also, prepare 2 potatoes. Peeled potatoes.

Prepare some spiced dried tofu. The quantity depends on you. And then you will need some plain tofu. It is not the dish you order in restaurants. I also have a box of Japanese curry. You can also use curry from another country. Because it is just a condiment, you decide on the quantity. Then here are the peppercorns and fennel seeds, often used in Middle Eastern dishes. Their taste is unique and are good for health. Here are the salt, chopped green onion, ginger and red onion. These portions are for 4 adults or even more.

Now, I will chop the vegetables first. Chop the cabbage to a width of less than one centimeter. Just cut it straight. Cut all the vegetables this way. Next, let’s cook.

I am using gas here. First I will use high heat to stir-fry. Now I add oil. See, the pot is heated. Add a handful of peppercorns and fennel seeds. Then add the prepared ginger, red onion, green onion and dried tofu. I prefer to cook in a cast-iron pot because it is good for my health. And yours. Add the sweet peppers.

While cooking, you should think, “I will let my guests be happy and healthy. So they are lucky and will live long.” So you are giving blessings with this meal.

There is not enough cabbage, so I add more. The napa cabbage has a lot of water inside, so it is crowded here. And it is hard to stir-fry. So I added half of it first. Stir-fry it for a while. Then water comes out of it. The salt I am using today is rock salt. It is not healthy to eat too much salt, so be careful about the quantity. I also prepared these diced tomatoes.

See, it is getting quieter now. It means that the water has been released. So we start the slow cook part now. Let’s add some soy sauce now. And the Japanese curry. I cut it into small pieces in advance to make it easy to dissolve. Here are the diced potatoes. Add them in. Here comes our main ingredient, the rice-cake stick.

Let’s add it with tofu. Now, we need to add some water. Cover all the food with water. Put a lid on. And wait for it to boil. When it comes to a boil, it will be steaming. Then reduce the heat to medium. Now let’s wait for it to cook.

OK, it is time now. Wow, it smells so good! Really good. Press the tofu so it absorbs more soup. Now reduce the heat to medium. Cook at least 30 minutes on medium heat. Remember, 30 minutes. People usually think 30 minutes is a little too long. I don’t think so. We will see.

I am afraid it is not as good as I thought. So I will add something to improve it. I put some peppercorns into a dry pot. Don’t add oil. Put the peppercorns directly in the pot. Add the peppercorns according to the amount of cabbage. Just a handful like this. Or a spoonful of it. That is it. I also grab a pinch of fennel seeds. OK, put them in.

The next step is to turn on the heat. Wait for the pot to dry out. Then heat the peppercorns and fennel seeds directly with this fire. So what I cook today is very easy to learn. It is very simple. It is easy for everyone. I can hear and see that they begin to explode slightly. That means they receive the heat. Move the pot to make the heat more even. Like this.

Now we can turn off the fire. But the pot is still very hot, so I am going to pour them on the chopping board. Then grind them. Peppercorns and fennel seeds are good for kidney health; they are also good for preventing rheumatism and heart diseases. So try to add them to your cooking. It is quite healthy. OK, it is done. It smells delicious. It smells so good! Yeah. When this meal is ready, let’s put them in. They don’t need to be cooked anymore.

Well, it is 32 minutes now. Turn off the fire first. Alright. Wow! It smells so good. Yes. Wow! I don’t know how it tastes. But don’t forget this powerful thing. We prepared these ground peppercorns and fennel seeds. This is the powder. Let’s sprinkle them in. And mix them up like this. Perfect.

Now it can be plated. Be careful. It is too hot. I don’t know how it tastes. I will ask the kids to try it.

(Wow, it smells good!

I can smell it from upstairs.

Yes, I smelled it when I was passing by. I followed the smell here.

Mmm, delicious!)

(Please learn to cook this rice-cake meal. It is healthy and nutritious.Bodhi braised rice cake is tasty!)