Whether we are looking for a life partner or making new friends, we hope to attract kind people into our lives. As the saying goes, “birds of a feather flock together.” Who we attract depends on what kind of magnetic field we have.
How to improve your magnetic field? How to attract a wonderful life
partner? Let’s listen to Grandmaster JinBodhi’s “secret tips on attraction.”

【You will learn】

  • The benefits of chanting
  • A method of enhancing charisma
  • How to pray to the Buddha for help in looking for a loving partne

【Featured aphorisms】

  • Chanting can inspire you and enhance your magnetic field.
  • Chanting will help you attract good people.
  • If you want to live a prosperous and fortunate life, chant more.


I think it can, especially chanting The Medicine Buddha’s Heart Mantra.

Medicine Buddha cares for everything. As a human, what are the most important things for you? For example, firstly, to have wisdom. Only when you are wise will you have good behaviors. Secondly, for your facial features to be perfect. Thirdly, to be healthy. These are not in a particular order. Chanting The Medicine Buddha’s Heart Mantra will help you fulfill all your wishes.

In your life, when you have reached a certain age, the topic of marriage always comes up. Nowadays, it is the era to love freely. Looking for a partner is the first issue that young people face. Chanting will inspire you and strengthen your magnetic field.

And, there is good and bad magnetic fields. If you have reached the marrying time of life, but you are not in love or haven’t found your love yet, I think your magnetic field is too weak and you should start chanting. Your parents can also help you gain merits to strengthen your magnetic field. To boost your magnetic field, one of the methods is chanting.

As I mentioned, there are good and bad magnetic fields. Many

youngsters are using belts or bags with a skull pattern. That is not good for you. People feel uneasy looking at it. It is hard to attract positive energy and people. It will be hard to attract those who are truly good.

So chanting, firstly, helps you gain attractiveness; secondly, it can attract good people. Getting married involves staying together for life. You must pick the best guy or girl who will be responsible toward family and can give you a fortunate and joyful family. You just need to chant often. Alright? Buddha will help you pick the right partner.

For all people, chanting will definitely increase your charisma. OK, just come and chant!