What is the magical function of meditation? In this short video, Grandmaster JinBodhi shares the miracle of dharma through his personal experience and a practitioner’s incredible transformation. Those who listen to this teaching will understand more about meditation and have the opportunity to transform themselves and others for the better.

【You will learn】

  • How meditation can improve health
  • The possibilities of transformation through meditation


I have been teaching and observing the effects of meditation on our health. Meditation’s benefit to health is comprehensive. For example, it helps cure rheumatic arthritis. It is common for many adults to have bone and joint pain. Bodhi Meditation helps this type of illness significantly. Everyone can experience these benefits; it is especially effective in healing rheumatoid arthritis-related illnesses. When I was 16 or 17 years old, I was on the prairie sleeping in a tent of a nomad. It was windy in the tent. On the grassland of the plateau, the wind was very strong. During the day, I did some manual labor for the nomads. I was tired and aching especially in my lower back. After the wind had penetrated my lower back, the next day I could hardly sit up or stand up at all. After I struggled to stand, I couldn’t bend over.

At the time, my kung fu did not help. No cure. Very painful. Later they sent me to TCM and Western doctors. They tried to cure me, but the pain was still there and excruciating. An X-ray did not show any problem with the bone, but my lower back pain was unbearable. One doctor said it was strained lumbar muscles. I did not understand the term the doctor used for the pain. There was just no cure. After my master found out, he asked me, “Do you think you can recover?”

I said, “I have lost hope. It seems that I am going to be a beggar for the rest of my life, crawling on the ground, because I can’t work anymore.”

This lumbar pain was unbearable. My master had some kung fu, a bit more advanced than mine; he just waved at my lower back a few times, and toward a blanket he chanted a mantra and blew. When the blanket was put on my back, I felt it was like an electric blanket heating me up, which I couldn’t bear and sweated. I woke up feeling scorched and rushed to open the door. Hey, how come I could move? My back pain was gone. I felt it was really miraculous. Later, when I taught others, healing for people with rheumatic diseases such as severe lumbar and leg pain were fast and effective.

Two years ago, in Singapore, the mother of our center’s director, who was 73 or 76 years old, was reluctant to walk because of her leg pain. If she had to leave home, she would ask ahead of time if the person’s home had an elevator or stairs. If it is a two-storey old house without an elevator, then she wouldn’t go because she was afraid of walking up the stairs due to her leg pain.

She came to learn meditation with me. She only learned one method of Bodhi Meditation, Energy Bagua. After she practiced it for 108 days, or 108 hours, I went to see her. This old mother, in front of me, squatted, then jumped, telling me that she could run upstairs, not just walk upstairs. Her legs recovered so well. Hearing this, newcomers may think I am bragging. That is too miraculous to believe. She spent 108 days practicing Energy Bagua for one hour each day, and she had such a result. This is an example I saw.

Illnesses of the internal organs can also be healed. The human body has many parts, including the bones. Rheumatism is an illness in the bones. Humans also have internal organs. Then there is the head. These are the three main parts. For the internal organs, people’s healing varies because of differing karma; I have heard of successful healing for almost every organ disease here. The recoveries were excellent. The healed cases included some severe illnesses, such as liver cancer, pancreatic illness or diabetes, chronic diarrhea, mysterious illnesses, heart problems, etc. Skin illnesses are also included.

Four days ago, in the evening, I visited some friends who practiced Energy Bagua. One of them told me that two years ago he had a severe skin problem. After he practiced Energy Bagua off and on for a year, it disappeared. Very good. Thus, meditation has effects on multiple illness. Generally speaking, it sounds miraculous. However, I believe many come to practice for a purpose. Say, they want to eradicate their back pain. Though the back pain still exists after one year of practice, other physical problems may be healed. This happens because people’s physical structures and causes of illness vary.

The recovery also relates to our life, work, diet, and habit. If you have back pain, you often bend your back at work and do labor, during the process of recovery, the pain may come back again. If your back is recovering, and you have to work the next day, continuing to bend and do labor makes it hard to recover. For some people, their illnesses are related to their diet. Some have severe allergies. After they practice for a while, it is gone, but it returns a few days later. Because they are eating food they are allergic to. If we live a reasonable, healthy lifestyle, we may gain health.

Let’s come back to Bodhi Meditation. Its comprehensive healing effect comes from built-up physical energy. It builds up, strengthens our energy to fight existing illnesses and prevent potential ones. That is how it works. It is also my responsibility to share my experience in diet and lifestyle. Some people have a heart problem, but still go gambling, right? After winning, they may die due to overexcitement. People with a heart problem cannot stand extremes of sorrow or happiness. Losing can easily cause a heart attack, especially losing lots of money. It breaks the heart. If people with a normal heart go gambling, they will easily get an attack. Many health problems are caused by our lifestyles. If you want to truly become healthy, you need to form healthier habits, avoid or change the unhealthy ones, then you will be healthier. Don’t say: “I have a good method to control my heartbeat after I lose in gambling, or I am fine after taking a cold drink.” If such a method exists, it is just temporary sensation loss; your life span will be short. It is like drinking a narcotic; it is wrong.

Bodhi Meditation is usually helpful to our holistic health. If you want to have better results, practice more. That is it. I usually suggest: Since you have learned it, keep practicing. Don’t wait until you are ill; it will be a bit late. It is better to prevent illness than take pills after you fall ill. Also, some illnesses may seem healed, but may only be healed partially; you just don’t feel it anymore. A more serious problem may remain latent. OK, that is my suggestion for you.

To drug-takers, Bodhi Meditation should be beneficial, but we have not experimented with a group of drug addicts. We have not organized such a class, but people who take drugs have come to us. Fifteen years ago, in China, some drug addicts came to Bodhi Meditation. One drug user quit drug-taking, but the damage to his health was very obvious. When that person came, he was in his 20s. He stole and borrowed from all his relatives and friends, He stole and borrowed money from all his relatives and friends, spent it all, and his whole family was broke because of his drug-taking. He was very lucky to quit drugs after 100 days. The addiction did not return.

A few years later, he saw me and was excited. To me, this 30-year-old looked like a 60-year-old because his teeth were gone, and his face was full of black speckles, and his spirit and energy all seemed wrong. He told me his story. The damage caused by his drug-taking was severe. Compared to a normal person, he felt like he was an alien. The harm was significant. He cannot do manual labor now because taking drugs made him weak. But he quit his addiction.

In America, in the past ten years or so, there have been a few drug-addicts who came to Bodhi Meditation and quit taking drugs. We just did not experiment with a group. If you have a drug-taking relative or friend who wants to stop, they can come and try practicing. My requirement is that they keep practicing for 100 days. For serious drug users who are unable to work, my requirement is that for 100 days they’ve got to practice 3 hours daily, 300 hours in 100 days will surely yield results. For people with minor illnesses, practice for 100 days then one hour per day should be enough, 100 hours in total. Come to experience it. But, if one wants to complete the 100 hours in a couple of weeks, its effect is poor.

So, eight hours for a day is the maximum. However, for some who like to practice, the limit can exceed ten hours. If you have a good foundation, and have practiced for over two years, you can practice up to ten to fourteen hours. When I was young, I meditated fourteen hours each day. Because of my good foundation, I sat there motionless and fully concentrated. I had no leg pain, back pain, did not want to go shopping or do other things. As I sat there, I forgot time. Thus, one meditation sitting could last over ten hours. When I was out of meditation, I just felt it had been just half an hour. Say, I started to meditate before dawn. When I was out of meditation at dusk, I wondered why it was still dark; I thought it was still dawn. To me, it just seemed like half an hour. It is better if you could practice like this. For people without a foundation, it is very hard to enter such a state. If you enter such a state, you will have more energy and be more inspired.