Lin Peijie | Malaysia

After participating at the Bodhi Meditation Youth Camp, Pei-jie changed. She didn’t have a goal for her life, because she lacked confidence, but now she is a brave girl who can sing in front of thousands of people. She has set goals for her life and has taken action to reach them. Her grades have improved dramatically. She ranked lower than 100 out of 500, but now ranks 39th. You may want to know what caused these changes. Please watch Pei-jie’s sharing in this video.

Pei Jie’s Teacher: Hello everyone, I am a high school teacher. I was Pei Jie’s Mandarin teacher in her first grade. She was 13 at that time. She told me she was being bullied all the time. Her grades were bad back then. Some of her friends often skipped school. I told her to stay away from them, because they didn’t help with her studies. She did. Since then, she spent time with me. It is hard to shake her off as she is so loyal. 3 years later, she was in high school. I was her Mandarin teacher again. Then, the youth camp opened for registration. I asked if she was interested as I was going to be a volunteer.

Before the youth camp, I hated studying and was lazy. I thought studying was hard. I thought my dreams were just dreams. They couldn’t come true. Since I was 13, my teacher had told me the importance of studying hard. Her words fell on deaf ears. I lacked confidence and was timid. I feared the stage. I am not pretty; that is what people said. People told me to stay off the stage. I was scared people would laugh at me.

Once, when Grandmaster was teaching, I stood up to ask him a question. Grandmaster asked me to sing a song in front of everyone. (Was it in front of 600 people?) Yes, about that many. I sang bravely. It was quite scary. After I sang, people cheered and clapped. I was so happy, for I had done something impossible. Grandmaster praised me, “You are brave. I like you.” (What a compliment that was.) That is when I regained my confidence and courage.

Regain Confidence and Courage It takes just one step

I learned not to give up at the youth camp. It was my school’s cross-country 7km run. I had just started running when I fell. I was pushed from behind. My hands and my right leg were bleeding, but I didn’t stop; I continued running. My friends on the first-aid team said I should have gone to them. I told them, “Success won’t come if I quit. How can you succeed in life if you are a quitter? You can only succeed if you learn and keep going.”

Persistence and Perspiration Make Success

I now have a firm goal and a dream. I realized why my dreams were so distant. I never pursued my dreams. I was lazy and never studied hard, that is why dreams were just dreams. Since the youth camp, I have been working so hard for good grades. I want to realize my dream. I want to prove it to my teacher that I am the best.

From Illusion to Vision Just One Step

(What is your dream now?)

I am going to be a responsible teacher, just like her.

(A role model for your student, good. May I ask how is she doing in her studies now?)

Pei Jie’s Teacher: Yes. Before the youth camp, she ranked lower than 100 out of 500. After the youth camp, she ranked 39th. (Awesome.) She made it into the elite. She scored A+ in history. (Good job.) It is difficult to get this mark. It was a hard subject. There were 3 papers to finish in 7 hours. She is awesome. (Indeed.)

(She said she was brave enough to sing for 600 people. How about singing for 6,000 people today? Let your courage soar. Let’s listen to her sing. Applause, please. Any song will do.)

Thank you to my parents for giving me a home. Thank you for the food and your precious time. Thank you to my teachers for the boundless knowledge. Thank you for guiding me in my life.

(Thank you, Pei Jie. Do you have anything to say to your mother?)

Thank you for raising me, otherwise I wouldn’t be here today. I have to thank Grandmaster, too. If it wasn’t for his compliment, I would still be hiding in my shell. (Like a tortoise?) I thank my teacher. If I hadn’t met her, I would still be daydreaming all the time. (She was a daydreamer. She is quite a scholar.)

(Let’s give applause to Pei Jie and her teacher who is also her mentor. Let’s hope Pei Jie becomes a pillar of society in the future.)

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