Su Zhongming | Malaysia

After seven years of diabetes and high cholesterol, twenty years of alcohol addiction and thirty years of smoking addiction, his clogged arteries almost took his life. When he woke up from a coma, he was intubated. Dazed and helpless, he didn’t know if he could survive this ordeal. His hardships transformed into miracles after he found Energy Bagua. What fate awaits him after practicing Energy Bagua? Please listen to Su Zhongming’s story.

In 2008, I was diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol. My blood sugar level was as high as 14.4 mmol/L. My cholesterol level was 8 mmol/L. Although I took medications regularly, I didn’t have healthy habits. I smoked and drank each day before going home at midnight.

One day in June 2015, my chest felt very heavy. I was struggling to breathe and breaking out in a cold sweat. I was sent to the hospital emergency room. The doctors found two clogged blood vessels in my heart. They performed a procedure to unclog the blood vessels. I was hospitalized for a week.

On the day I was supposed to be discharged, I fainted again. When I woke up, the doctor told me that my heartbeat was very fast, almost 400 beats per minute. To defibrillate my heart, the doctor shocked me 9 times, and only then did I wake up. They found yet another clogged blood vessel. The doctor said it is because I smoked too much.

He placed a pacemaker in my chest. If my heartbeat were irregular, it would send an electric signal to regulate my heartbeat. That night, I fainted again. The doctor delivered 12 shocks with a defibrillator. Then I woke up and found myself intubated. I felt helpless. I didn’t know whether I could survive.

After practicing Energy Bagua for 2 years, one day, I found my blood sugar level was lower than it usually was. The doctor said that because my blood sugar level was now normal, the insulin injections and pills actually caused low blood sugar. The doctor said I should stop injecting insulin and cut other medications by half. It has been 4 years already, and my blood sugar level has stayed between 5 and 6 mmol/L.

Also, after 2 years of practice, my cholesterol level decreased to 3.5 -4 mmol/L, which is in the normal range. After practicing Energy Bagua for 6 years, I realized that my heart issues have significantly improved. I don’t need my pacemaker anymore. My heart rate is stable, at 60 -70 beats per minute. After walking Energy Bagua for 3 months, I quit 30 years of smoking and 20 years of drinking. My wife and children are the happiest.

Su Zhongming’s Daughter: I am very grateful to Grandmaster JinBodhi. He has given me a healthy and happy father. He is also a healthy grandpa. My child now has a good role model: a grandpa who doesn’t smoke or drink.

All these years, Grandmaster’s compassion and great vow inspired me. I want to follow in Grandmaster’s footsteps. I vow to lead 1000 people daily to practice Energy Bagua locally. I wish to guide more people to practice Energy Bagua, so everyone can obtain health and happiness. Thank you, Grandmaster.

(Note: The effects of practicing Energy Bagua will vary from person to person.)