In Family Precepts Part 16, Grandmaster JinBodhi shared that knowledge is strength and encouraged us to learn on the job. Grandmaster JinBodhi advocated lifelong learning, emphasized the benefits of reading and shared with us the key things to take note when reading.

The live content includes the following:

★ Bodhi Meditation Blessed Items
00:00:00 Bodhi Meditation blessed item: Sunlight Bodhisattva Gem Bracelet
00:01:28 Bodhi Meditation blessed item: Moonlight Bodhisattva Gemstone Mala Chanting Beads
00:02:28 Bodhi Meditation blessed item: Eastern Blue Gemstone Bracelet

★ Knowledge is strength
00:06:03 Knowledge is strength: The importance of maintaining a learning mindset.
00:11:40 Knowledge is strength: The time before marriage is the best time to build up knowledge.
00:14:47 Stages of learning: Children should focus on accumulating knowledge, youths should focus on setting their aspirations and learn along the way.
00:22:07 Knowledge is strength: Knowledge makes our lives better.
00:24:14 Knowledge stimulates creativity: The stall owner who was very popular among his customers due to his talent in writing songs and singing them.
00:32:10 Knowledge is strength: Reading is the best investment.
00:35:00 Knowledge is strength: Knowledge is the key to happiness and wealth.
00:37:21 Knowledge is strength: Youth is the best time to pick up knowledge.

★ Lifelong learning
00:39:36 Lifelong learning: There is much that we can learn from the people around us.
00:40:24 Lifelong learning: The story about Zhuge Liang and the old farmer.
00:48:34 Lifelong learning: The story of how Zhuge Liang borrowed thousands of arrows using boats filled with hay.
00:50:12 Lifelong learning: The little story about how the script of the movie “1942” was modified.
00:52:09 Lifelong learning: The gap between theoretical knowledge and actual implementation of the knowledge.
01:39:50 Lifelong learning: Life is about learning from and imitating each other.
02:02:49 Lifelong learning: The leadership qualities of Liu Bang.
02:05:23 Lifelong learning: What are some leadership qualities?
02:07:44 Questions from online friends: Do the elderly need to continue reading and learning?
02:10:02 Grandmaster JinBodhi’s storytelling session: The story of Duke Ping of Jin studying in his later years.
02:16:25 Lifelong learning: Maintain a learning mindset and it will help us overcome obstacles in life.

★ Reading methodology
00:52:55 Questions from online friends: How do I cultivate the reading hobby?
01:03:08 Questions from online friends: Should I read books related to my profession or should I read more widely on various topics?
01:08:41 Reading methodology: Read inspirational books as well as biographies of great people with good virtues.
01:14:40 Reading methodology: Romance literature are like soft drugs, cut down on reading them.
01:17:25 Reading methodology: Those who love arts and literature should read more books about natural science.
01:18:10 Question to ponder: How is electricity generated?
01:21:43 Reading methodology: People who are more inclined towards arts should read more about technology. What are the benefits of that?
01:24:24 Reading methodology: Consistently setting aside a fixed time to study is part of life’s cultivation.
01:27:47 Reading methodology: Life is a competition of knowledge. It is important to gain relevant knowledge from college.
01:31:29 Reading methodology: Reading non-pictorial books helps in brain development and helps to stimulate creativity.
01:34:29 Reading methodology: Follow through to finish the book once you start it. It helps to cultivate endurance and fortitude.
01:35:34 Reading methodology: Success comes with persistence. This is true of careers and of marriages.
01:37:32 Reading methodology: Even as we accumulate knowledge, we also need to set our aspirations and choose a direction.
01:42:42 Grandmaster JinBodhi’s storytelling session: The story of how the founding general of the Tang Dynasty Cheng Yao Jin survived with just one skill.
01:47:56 Grandmaster JinBodhi’s storytelling session: The story about electric motor expert Li.
01:53:11 Reading methodology: It is easier to succeed when we focus on one point.
01:57:27 Reading methodology: The importance of making notes while studying.
01:58:18 Reading methodology: Invest time in reading books related to our profession.
01:59:56 Reading methodology: Go in-depth into specialized knowledge, learn by drawing inferences, master one and you will master a hundred.

★Auspicious blessings
02:18:21 Auspicious blessings: May all students score well in exams, may all online friends be blessed with auspiciousness and longevity.

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