Grandmaster JinBodhi’s “Family Precepts” livestream series teaches everyone about family ethics and moral values. With this knowledge, our homes will be filled with joy, harmony and prosperity; our children will become successful, talented individuals who contribute to society.

In Part 7 of the Family Precepts Series, Grandmaster JinBodhi teaches us the important points about interpersonal relationships. Topics discussed include the following:

◎ How much socializing is appropriate?
◎ Your life purpose and aspirations will determine who you interact with
◎ What differentiates healthy socializing from fraternizing for the purpose of advancing oneself?
◎ What attributes in interpersonal interactions strengthen one’s position in society?
◎ What are friends?
◎ How to get along with your neighbors
◎ Bad habits that incur karmic debts
◎ How frequently should I socialize?
◎ How to respect others when socializing: respect others
◎ Avoid talking about work during meal times
◎ Just like weak countries will not have political allies, poor people will not have rich friends
◎ Everyone needs social interactions to lead better lives
◎ Cultivation transforms our destinies

Grandmaster JinBodhi has shares the following:
1. Different types of friends in our network enhance our energy fields in different ways. Those who have money help us develop our wealth while those without help grow our social network.
2. Weak countries should not pursue political clout and poor people should not chase after wealth

Many students have contacted Grandmaster JinBodhi on Facebook and YouTube to ask for advice about interpersonal encounters. Many have also shared what they have learned and are thankful to Grandmaster for his compassionate teachings which have helped them learn how to manage interpersonal relationships.

Friendships need to be cultivated with the right mindset. The friendship must not be driven by selfish motives to gain some personal gain or advance one’s own social standing or career. May we all be able to manage our relationships well. Make friends through appropriate channels and act appropriately towards others so as to let your lives be filled with happiness and beauty.

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