Many parents are concerned about their children’s cellphone use, as many young people stay up late and even skip meals in favor of spending time on their phone. How should parents respond?
To prevent or deal with cellphone overuse in children, Grandmaster JinBodhi offers a suggestion: Establish a “cellphone contract” with your child. Check out this short video to learn more.

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  • How to respond to your children’s excessive cellphone use

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I hope parents create a cell phone agreement with their kids.

Welcome to Master JinBodhi’s Wellness Seminar – Q&A On Parenting

(Master, my son is always on his phone playing games, skips breakfast and stays up late. I am concerned he will ruin his health. What should I do, Master?)

Adults, not just kids, can’t do without their phones. There is nothing the phone can’t do. We can even make payments with it. In some developed countries, you can pay highway or bridge tolls with it. South Koreans scan their phones to pay for things. So do the Chinese, right? Money is deducted from their bank account. You can also listen to audio books on a phone. Kids can ask classmates about assignments or just chat.

I hope parents create a cell phone agreement with their kids. How? Say, when they are doing homework, their phone stays with you or is locked in a drawer. This is to keep the phone from them. They can use their phone with restraint when done with homework. Say, reply to messages from their classmates or friends. If it is not related to school work, then it is better to keep it locked away.

Indeed, games attract people of different ages. Phones have their pros and cons. The fact is we can’t avoid phones or computers. What we can do is manage our time well. Teachers and parents can help children set up a timetable.

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