In Chanting Group Practice (Part 18), through the stories of “The bride who rescued the deer” and “The Emperor of Qin and the three hundred farmers”, Grandmaster JinBodhi shared the karmic principles that doing good deeds will yield good rewards and that a benevolent and compassionate person will be able to achieve much in life. Grandmaster JinBodhi also led everyone in chanting “Chanting to Avalokitesvara”. Many online friends talked about how they have benefited from the energy blessing sessions: some of them got permanent relief from the pain and aches in their bodies, some experienced improved relationships with their family members, some saw improvements in their businesses and some regained physical and mental health. Grandmaster JinBodhi also conducted a lucky draw for all the online friends and the sponsors, giving out presents and auspicious blessings.

★The content of the live broadcast is as follow:
00:00:00 Bodhi Meditation blessed item: Eastern blue gemstone bracelet.
00:03:49 Story about Karma: The story of how the deer saved the family of the bride who saved it.
00:15:44 Story about Karma: The compassion and benevolence of the Qin Emperor earned him the help of three hundred farmers during a critical life-and-death moment
00:36:04 ◆ Aches and pain disappeared after the energy blessing session: pain in the legs, ears, neck, knees; stiffness in the neck, swollen throat, sensitive skin, stiffness and pain in the shoulders, spinal issue, headache.
00:43:56 ◆ Improvements in family relationships after the energy blessing session: The son who have been uncontainable for 3 months finally returned home safely; a family that was heading for divorce returned to harmony.
00:47:21 ◆ Energy blessing brings good physical and mental health: menstrual cramps and gastric spasms disappeared; stomach problems resolved; negative energy dissipated and child’s corn dropped off; world outlook was elevated; polyps in the nose disappeared; eyes brightened, headaches recovered and the sharp pain in the eyes disappeared…
00:54:03 ◆ Online friends’ sharing: Grandmaster JinBodhi’s dharma teaching helped to heal my pain and I re-established contact with my parents.
01:00:21 ◆ The benefits of making light offerings: After the energy blessing session, my daughter’s business improved; after making a light offering, the business of my daughter’s boyfriend improved as well.
01:02:12 ◆Sharing of the benefits from energy blessing session: I am now able to take drinks that I used to be allergic to; my legs do not hurt any more; I am now able to walk normally; I can sit cross-legged with ease; the tendons in my finger do not hurt anymore; I gained relief from the pain in my sciatic nerves; the cold chills in my body dissipated; my respiratory tract became much healthier; my baby is now able to sleep through the night; my child was able to recover rapidly from hand-foot-mouth disease; evil spirits were dispelled and my temper became better.
01:08:15 Why did I sleep for a long time after the energy blessing session?
01:08:57 Online friend’s sharing: Thanks to Master’s protection,I was able to avoid getting hit by large pieces of hailstones.
01:09:53 Cultivation transforms lives: Cultivation helps to change our face reading, palm reading and blesses us with good fortune and longevity.
01:13:11 Chanting: Grandmaster JinBodhi leads everyone to chant “Chanting to Avalokitesvara”.
01:33:05 Lucky draw for online friends.
01:42:41 Lucky draw for sponsors.
02:06:33 The next online broadcast: Same time on 1st July (Vancover time).

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