How long do we need to chant the Earth Store Bodhisattva’s Heart Mantra in order to help loved ones who have passed away? If we aren’t chanting for them, is it appropriate to ask someone else to do it for us?

Let Meditation Master JinBodhi clear up any doubts!

【You will learn】

  • How much time we should spend chanting for our deceased loved ones
  • What to do when monks are invited to chant in our stead


Next question. “The 7th month of the lunar calendar is Month of Buddha’s Joyous. “How long should I chant The Earth Store Bodhisattva’s Heart Mantra “to help my deceased relatives?”

A good question. It depends on how long it is since they have passed away. To bless those who have passed away within 3 years, an hour a day is good. If they have passed away this year, chant for at least one hour a day.

I won’t tell you to chant too much. Normally, for the first 49 days, chant for 2 hours every day. Some families donate to monks; then monks chant for them. Well, that is a good method. But it is better if we chant for our close relatives.

People nowadays lack a sense of family and gratitude. When they chant, they don’t chant sincerely. We also question our sincerity when chanting for our in-laws. Then what can we do? When our parents have passed away, chant longer ourselves instead of hoping others will do so. Chanting for at least an hour; the best is more than 2 hours. If you are sincere and have the time, you can chant even longer.