| Across time and space, the graceful lilt of this powerful healing mantra flows to the listener’s heart.

Enter a deep state of peace as you listen or sing along. Let the healing energy relieve stress, improve sleep, awaken spirituality, and enhance longevity. May you feel the happiness, love, and auspiciousness within the music. May this mantra relieve physical and mental pain, and eliminate obstacles and disasters. Let the music immerse you in light and energy, bring health, purify the heart and mind, and awaken wisdom.

Are you afflicted by any of the following conditions?

✔ Chronic Pain (headache, gastric pain, neck and shoulder pain, lower-back pain, joint pain, arthritis, frozen shoulder)

✔ Suboptimal Health (stress, insomnia, hair loss, constipation, hemorrhoids, anemia, cold hands and feet)

✔ Sensitivities and Allergies (eczema, rubella, hives, itchy skin)

✔ Chronic Illnesses (high blood sugar, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc)

✔ Constantly feeling weak, tired, low energy, listless, or lethargic?

✔ Palpitations, mood swings, night sweats, or other symptoms of menopause?

✔ Battling depression, anxiety, fear, phobia, or irritation with no known cause? Feeling burnt out and overwhelmed?

✔ Having troubles at home, challenging family relationships, or children unable to sleep well?

✔ Hoping to dispel negative feng shui and negative energy so that your home becomes peaceful and auspicious?

Listen to this deep healing music and let your body and mind resonate with its profound power and that of the Universe. Radiate with warm, beautiful, positive energy; transform with the flow of time and space.

This solemn mantra is a manifestation of Guru Rinpoche’s wisdom; the compassionate chanting embodies Grandmaster JinBodhi’s most profound spiritual understanding and his sincere love for all living beings.

The compassionate Guru Rinpoche uproots the negativity within, purifies the energy around, and helps to heal, relax, recharge, and bless all who suffer!

This healing music is suitable for daily meditation; meditating on it or chanting along can bring long-term benefits.

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