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Ad-Free Instrumental Ambient Music to Enhance Concentration, Inspiration and Creativity

Let the gentle melody calm and soothe your emotions, reconnecting you with Nature;

Let the pure, ethereal music bring you back to experiencing the original beauty of life.

Listen; and the ambient music will transport you to another dimension.

A worry-free world, full of kindness, love, tranquility and peace,

Where your body and mind are fully relaxed,

Where your soul is purified,

Where your thoughts roam freely,

Where your creativity flows abundantly.

Let Grandmaster JinBodhi’s “Beyond the Worldly Mind” heart’s companion ambient music accompany you through the mental pressures and challenges of the modern world, shielding you from troubles and negative energy, providing a steady flow of energy and focus.

Listen; release all stress and anxiety. Listen; and all is well.

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“Beyond the Worldly Mind” Heart’s Companion:

1) Increases positive and healing energy.

2) Increases spirituality, inspiration, and creativity.

3) Relieves stress, calms the mind, and opens the heart.

4) Improves concentration.

“Beyond the Worldly Mind” Heart’s Companion can be used as:

★ Study Music for Students: boost concentration, deep focus

★ Music for Working From Home: increase creativity, awaken your potential

★ Meditation Music: visualization music, mindfulness music, mindful sitting music

★ Background Music: housework and chores around the house; cooking music, cleaning music; café ambience, coffee shop ambience; reading music; home spa music

Copyright © 2021 Grandmaster JinBodhi. All Rights Reserved. Personal use only.


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