All children want a mobile phone. Parents find it difficult to cope with this demand. Parents understand that children need a mobile phone for their studies and social networking, but what if they obsess over it?

Should children be given a mobile phone?

Listen to the advice of Grandmaster JinBodhi.

【You willearn】

  • The appropriate age for a child to have a cellphone
  • How to reach an agreement with children about sensible phone use


Bringing up children is hard these days. Should children be given a mobile phone? This is a difficult question. I think it depends on the child’s age. I think they can have one after they turn 12. When younger than 12, they can’t control themselves. Too much screen time hurts their eyesight. An obsession with gaming affects their studies. With a cellphone, they can do many things: watch movies, read the news, play games and chat with friends, but all of these take time.

As children enter high school, they need a phone. Set some rules on using the phone. Ask them to follow the rules. For example, limit their time on the phone. After school, when doing homework, they’re not allowed to use a cellphone. Parents could take their phones away. If your children have their own room, you can keep their cellphone in another room. If they can’t reach the phone, they should be able to get their homework done.

With a fun gadget nearby, children are easily distracted. It affects a child’s health and grades at school. That is why parents need to limit the time kids spend on a cellphone.

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