Children tend to find it difficult to remain calm and focused, sometimes to the extent that their parents worry about it. What methods can parents use to help their children become calmer? Meditation Master JinBodhi shares his opinions with the aim of helping parents everywhere.

【You willearn】

  • How to create a suitable environment for children’s growth
  • Three meditation methods to help children calm down


“Hello, Master. What is the best method to teach my child to keep calm?”

There is not a particular one. Of course, as you ask me, I will let you bring him here to meditate. It will help him. Bodhi Meditation comprehensively teaches students many things of different aspects. First, they learn to be pure and calm. Second, they learn to be compassionate and considerate, give, and care for others. There is not a class that teaches you to keep absolutely calm. If you have many debts, someone is going to kill you. You cannot be sitting here as calm as nothing happens. Your child needs to practice meditation and learn more. Being calm is a mental phenomenon we see. If we don’t have more understanding about humans, we cannot be calm. To allow children to be in a pure, non-chaotic mental state, parents should create them a stable and peaceful environment.

Say, a businessman-father tells his child, “Wow, I made $5 million today. Come and help me count the money.” This will not make the child calm down. It is even worse for children in divorcing family. A couple getting divorced rarely just don’t talk only two or three days, and then they get divorced. Usually, before they get divorced, they would quarrel and fight frequently. Under such circumstances, it is impossible for the children to stay calm. To guarantee the children grow up healthily, I hope parents can self-discipline and learn to be compassionate, tolerant, caring, and understanding. This way the children may have a peaceful living environment and mind and are easier to discipline. Otherwise, a divorcing or divorced family would bring huge trauma to the children physically and mentally. It might become a life-long pain or create strange thought patterns, fearing marriage or dating.

Thus, the parents’ conduct is very influential on their children. Watch your behaviors. They are normal to you but are traumatic for your children. Your children are too young to understand what you might have experienced. To them, these are all new and provoking. In order to help a child calm down within a short time, let him stick to a meditation method such as Energy Bagua or prostration. Only do one method, but not sitting there quietly. As for Energy Bagua, I remember when I was young, before I practice, lots of inexplicable ideas unrelated to Energy Bagua appeared. All these appear in our consciousness. But if our spirit, energy, actions, and environment are one standard movement, with our eyes, hands, and body facing a tree in the center, it brings us a relatively calm state. In terms of the law of meditation, it is called “one replaces all.”

“One thought replaces all thoughts” to control the demon in our mind with one thought. What does “one thought” refer to? It is one fixed environment and thought. While we practice Energy Bagua, the standard requirement of our hands, eyes, body, and steps are one with our eyes, body, mind, and palms facing this tree. This is “one thought replaces all thoughts.”

Our complex consciousness is then under certain control and restrained. This is relative calm. After practicing for some time, say, half an hour every day, it will work for elementary kids. They cannot stand if it is too long. Half an hour daily is fine. What is the benefits of Energy Bagua? Unlike Tai Chi that has many movements to follow, Energy Bagua has just one movement with one thought. It makes people easily calm down. Many know a relatively calm person is wiser.
When we are calm, we can see things more clearly. Thus, we have better, stronger observing ability. To develop children’s calmness and concentration, start with Energy Bagua. They may also start with prostration, but choose only one method.
To train children entering a pure, calm state, either method will be effective.