Do you want to cultivate your children’s endurance and perseverance? Do you want them to be motivated to do things without giving up halfway?

In this video, Master JinBodhi explains what parents can do to help their children persevere.

【You willearn】

  • Why children give up halfway
  • How to help children make persevering a habit


Kids will learn that persistence truly brings rewards and good results.Then they’ll realize that they need to persevere in their pursuit.

Welcome to Master JinBodhi’s Wellness Seminar – Q&A On Parenting

(Master, how do I develop my child’s endurance and perseverance?)

Kids, decades younger than us, aren’t aware of laws and truths. If a pot of rice needs 25 minutes to cook, and we don’t have this experience, when we lift the lid after 15 or 21 minutes, it will be uncooked as it finishes cooking during the last minutes. Must allow enough time. One needs to learn to accept and endure.

To form a habit of endurance needs parental guidance. Let’s take drawing for example. Some people give up when it is half done. I met 10 children with their parents. These parents told me their kids liked drawing. I asked the kids to show me their drawings stored on their phones. Only one of them showed me, “This is a drawing I didn’t finish.”

From what I saw, the kids didn’t really love drawing. Second, they didn’t continue their hobby. Lastly, the reason they didn’t continue was because of no guidance or support. The children who liked drawing but hadn’t continued, lacked their parents’ support and patience.

Parents should keep guiding and encouraging them. When there is a small achievement, encourage them timely, “It is awesome!” Without encouragement, they will lose interest and give up. They could give up for life, and form a habit of giving up. The cause of many children’s failure and lack of confidence is giving up when things are half done. Eventually, giving up becomes a habit.

Assigning simple tasks and completing them with their children is an example of good parenting. Reward them fterwards. Kids will learn that persistence truly brings rewards and good results. Then they realize that they need to persevere in their pursuit. If they get rewards for their perseverance 3 times, they will form a habit of persistence in completing their tasks.

Parents, take heed. At these times, you must give encouragement. When they receive recognition and compliments, children start believing in their ability and are willing to keep going. Parents must learn to be aware of their kids’ interests. Giving them support, guidance and encouragement is extremely important. Encouragement far surpasses punishment.

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